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  1. rragan

    Date localization

    Seems like the kind of thing that ought to come from an iOS API.
  2. With local geocaches, saved locations are of little use to me except for the ease of setting them.
  3. Your own created local cache does not have to have a GCxxx code. Better if it does not. Otherwise it can have what you need but no picture. Just ignore the GC metadata fields.
  4. rragan

    Purge Logs

    It took a long time to download the Giga event with more than 5000 logs. I thought it was hung.
  5. If you create them, look at Saved Locations or Add Cache.
  6. rragan

    Purge Logs

    Last 5 would be a good default with option for more
  7. Here is an example of using waypoints to navigate and being able to see the other waypoints. Context helps and you can see if you are approaching the next waypoint without navigating to it formally.
  8. Having them all visible seems like it might offer better planning while walking.
  9. I added the last 4 digit one and first 5 digit to my cool caches list.
  10. LOUIS not used in GC codes but acceptable for a royal name. LOL.
  11. Won't the add multiple caches to bookmark list do the job. You said you were adding that.
  12. NOTE: This will become easy when a release of Cachly that allows bulk adding an offline list to a bookmark list happens. I think it will be soon but Nic can comment. If you need to do this sooner, I've outlined two ways to do it below. Geocaching.com seems to give minimal support to GPX which is surprising because it is the "standard" interchange medium across devices and platforms. They provide minimal export via PQs and the GPX file button on a cache page. Their "proprietary" exchange mechanism is book mark lists. So given a GPX, you need to navigate this hurdle. My mechanism is as follows: 1) Use urlhttp://jakuje.dta3.com/gpx2gc.html and choose your GPX file. This tools extracts the GC codes. Copy this list to the clipboard. 2) In Project GC, create a new list in the Virtual GPS. This requires a premium membership. The create list dialog has a place to paste the list of GC codes. 3) Create a new empty bookmark list on geocaching.com as they API offers no way to create a list. 4) Click the checkmark box above the top of all the individual check mark lines. This selects all your caches. I'm not 100% certain you need to do this but play it safe. 5) in the Export dropdown, choose Export to bookmark list and select the new empty list you made and click Export. Presto, your list now has the GCs from the GPX. You can accomplish the same thing using cachetur.no which won't require a PGC premium membership. Register for a free membership. Then do the following: 1) Use urlhttp://jakuje.dta3.com/gpx2gc.html and choose your GPX file. This tools extracts the GC codes. Copy this list to the clipboard. 2) Choose Create New Trip from the Trips menu. Under the Waypoints tab on the create trip screen, is an Add list of GC-codes. Paste your copied list there. Then switch to the Trip Info tab and fill in the mandatory stuff and Save the Trip. 3) Now that the trip is created, from the Download menu, choose Export to bookmark list (note: you may have to create a new list on geocaching.com before this step) Presto, you now have a list from the GPX. If the purpose of the LIst is to share with others, be aware that cachetur.no has a lot of features you should explore includiing sharing trip planning/execution with travel companions.
  13. When the keyboard is up, tap the microphone to the left of the space bar and start talking. Note: it thinks "cache" is cash. Geocache as a word works fine.
  14. I typically always field log on the way from one cache to another or back to the car. I don't like having homework. Dictation and templates allow for reasonable logs. When you are the runner on a power trail, after finding one, dropping the previous one, dashing back to car while opening the new one, stamping it and closing back up and marking the paper you are at the next min distance cache leaping out of the car. No time for any phone logging as well. But those are exceptions. I later wrote a script that generates a file suitable to upload as a draft to the web site. Then it is only two clicks to log each draft. So there can be alternatives to doing such bulk logging from Cachly.
  15. It is not common for me but when I did a Power Trail in Yuma, I had a printed checklist for very fast bookkeeping of Found. I later logged the 150+ Finds when I got home.
  16. I have screwed up with their sticky date and had to go back and fix up dates that should not have been in the past.
  17. That's why it would need to be explicitly turned on so folks should not stumble into it. It should only be sticky for say 10 minutes of no further logging. Logging again would reset the 10 minute deadman timer. That would allow working through a logging backlog and reduce the risk of forgetting to turn it off. The date line on the logging screen could have red text or background when in sticky mode and an action to turn it off. I assume the clock would not advance in sticky mode although I guess it could if having all logs happen in the same second was a problem.
  18. I've had that problem and contemplated asking for the feature but held back trying to think of a good way to not have the "sticky" date last longer than desired. My best idea at this time is some sort of time-limited sticky date where it would either silently revert to current date after a fixed period where no logs are submitted or do so with a warning asking you if you want to continue with a sticky date for longer.
  19. Not having CCs on geocaching.com has been my bugaboo lately. Several of us are planning a road trip around the Giga and various people are doing different parts. I end up getting an exported GPX to merge with the larger plan. Typically it has CCs with GSAK style representation. They look correct when imported but if I ever forget and do an update, they vanish. Having them on geocaching.com in my account means they don't vanish accidentally and they are accessible to other tools like cachetur.no. A cachly option to push GSAK style CCs from an offline list to geocaching.com would make this much easier. Tthere are other ways to do this: run GSAK (not a great option for Mac users but now run Mac + PC as a consequence), put CCs in cache note and have cachetur.no parse cache notes for coordinates and it can push them to geocaching.com. Doing this from Cachly would reduce the tool surfaces one needs to pull this off. I guess the priority is lower as the majority of Cachly users probably don't do the multi-person road trip but the heavy hitters do.
  20. rragan

    Cache list

    If you like geoprinter, be sure to try out cachetur.no. It has an extension, cachetur assistant so you can add caches to your trip from Project GC or geocaching,com sites. It does all the things you mention and a whole lot more. I plan my route there and export the final GPX to Cachly as an offline list.
  21. Project-GC's Live Map leaves the cache name label exposed as you tap around the map. Perhaps too manual a process but, still an idea.
  22. cachetur.no has a walking mode you can set between caches and switch to driving mode when you take the car to a cache. It factors that into route time calculations. It also factors cache DT into estimating how long you will spend at each cache.
  23. You would think they would want to keep it clean but if it is a Trad my filter on Mystery type would eliminate it anyway so no big deal.
  24. This is where I draw the line. If I have to go back more than 50 caches to find a friend, the odds of my friend remembering things from that far back are slim. If I'm desperate and have data, I go to the webpage and load all back logs and do a "find" on likely friend names.
  25. Create a draft cache with your desired location and add a reviewer note saying "Location check only. Cache not deployed or ready for publication". They will say "Yes, your location is fine at this time" and you can proceed for they will say your location has a collision with a cache you can't see and (at least in my area) tell you which cache is the collision (They won't tell you exactly where it is though)
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