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  1. When you add a keyword or text template to a log the add picture icon disappears. You have to go out of the message and back in again to get it to appear again. See image. 

    IPhone 7 ios 11.2 cachly 3.3.1 (5)4CC3843D-4BF4-4645-B45C-10373AD5CA54.thumb.png.a41c77461bde07cbdee82e56d364e14c.png

  2. Second question. Is the map generated when you download or is it done by you in the background?

    The reason for my question is the currency of the map. If changes are made in Open street when will they appear in Cachly? I am trying to work out how often and when I should manually refresh the offline maps

    1. Why do you need to keep 11,000 caches up to date?     I live in a country where there are only 14000 caches. Mobile coverage is bad and spotty. I am retired and we take trips at short notice. Far easier to have all the caches in my phone. 
    2. Why do you need to keep all 11,000 caches on a device that could be lost? The 14000 list can be reconstructed by downloading 15 pocket queries. 
    3. What data in these caches is most important to have updated? Status, do I can delete archived caches and recognise which caches have been found. 
    4. In Geosphere were you just updating status of the 11,000. Yes 


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