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    Steps to import a GPX from email

    I added a hyperlink on http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Offline_Usage#Using_Offline_Mode_of_Cachly to the new steps for email and also for Dropbox. I was able to answer another users questions using links to the Wiki accept for this one. I needed to run out last night so thanks for adding!
  2. Team DEMP

    Steps to import a GPX from email

    In the wiki I couldn't locate the steps to import a GPX attachment from an email.
  3. Team DEMP

    Learning Issues

    On the same gear icon where you disabled display your previous finds, you can scroll down to the bottom of that screen and deselect Puzzle caches. All the cache types are listed at the bottom of the Search Options screen. For a GSAK GPX, you can mail it to yourself or if you use Dropbox, place it there. If you use Dropbox, under the More screen (bottom right of the main screen) there's an option to Import from Dropbox. If you use email, open your email program on the iphone, select the GPX (.gpx or .zip) and then click the Share icon which will allow you to select Cachly.
  4. Team DEMP

    Learning Issues

    1 - Give the following a try and see if it helps - http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Getting_Started_with_Cachly a - See http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Live_Usage#Search_Options and http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Search_Options b - Might want to know a bit more. There are different ways to get an offline list of caches on Cachly. How are you creating the GPX on your computer? What is the source creating the GPX? c - swipe the offline list to the left and it will show delete
  5. Team DEMP

    Downloading offline maps

    Please see http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/How_Tos#Download_offline_maps and let us know if you have any questions.
  6. Team DEMP

    Edit log changes order

    Is there a way a regular user can see the date & time for their logged caches? Is GC still screwed up with sometimes passing dates in local time and sometimes not? They REALLY stink with consistently handling date/time/time zones
  7. Team DEMP

    Cachly 4.2 released

    I'm about to get on an airplane. If someone has time, can they edit http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/FAQ#Updating_a_log_entry . Now that we can edit within Cachly, this should be updated to reflect the change - editing in Cachly vs Geocaching.com If not, I'll get to it over the weekend. Thanks
  8. Team DEMP

    Wiki footer & and mobile view

    2 items I noticed before heading out for the day. At the bottom of every wiki page Are a few links such as http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Cachly_Help_Wiki:About which doesn't yet exist. Also noticed there's no mobile view of the wiki. It's usable in a mobile browser but there's a good amount of zooming in, panning and zooming out required. Not sure if that's a configuration option.
  9. Team DEMP

    User profile- Finds

    Good deal. I or someone else can update the wiki.
  10. Team DEMP

    User profile- Finds

    I was going to add info that you can tap through Finds and Hides on the User profile screen at http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/User_Profile to see a map of active finds/hides. When I did it for my own profile (about 1800 finds), it showed smilies but definitely not all of them. Looking at what is displayed on the map, is it the last xxx finds? Is it the last xx days? Is it this calendar year? Map of the hides seems to be all, at least for me, but I don't have that many.
  11. Team DEMP

    User profile- Finds

    Is it the last 50 or 100 caches? It's not all of them.
  12. Team DEMP

    Offline usage

    I was answering a question for someone on Facebook and going to send them to the Offline Usage page at http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Offline_Usage when I noticed there's no reference to Offline Maps... or I missed it. If there isn't a reference, we should consider adding it. David
  13. Team DEMP

    Offline usage

    If I view http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Offline_Usage on offline usage, I don't find a reference to downloading offline maps for offline usage. Should there not be a reference to offline maps? We can use offline lists with live map loading over cellular but would we want to let users know that offline maps would allow them to cache completely offline? Yesterday I went to the main Cachly wiki page and the first link that seemed relevant was "offline usage" but I'm not seeing a reference to offline maps. I did a search in the wiki and there's a relevant reference in Map Chooser ( http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Map_chooser ) and the How To ( http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/How_To_List ). Can we link to one of those in the Offline Usage section?
  14. Team DEMP

    Highlight function

    Highlight in Cachly seems to be lightly covered. http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php?search=Highlight&title=Special%3ASearch&fulltext=1 Base definition at http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Highlight doesn't yet explain the reason for highlighting and the above wiki search didn't seem to capture much on the topic.
  15. Team DEMP

    Getting Started with Cachly

    I'm traveling without much time online. Definitely should have it called out in the login / getting started sections that you don't have any Cachly account and your userid/password in Cachly is your Geocaching.com account. Might also consider referencing "login" vs "signin" in the text in a couple places so it matches the text on the button. I didn't want to change those. Foe the Installing section I was looking for a reliable way to link to the app directly in the app store but couldn't find a way that was ok on a device and off a device regardless of geo-location. Maybe someone knows a way? Made some very tiny edits before heading out for the day.
  16. Team DEMP


    And "tap" vs "click" or "press" or "select"?
  17. Team DEMP

    Clickable image or make unclickable?

    http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Navigating_Around_the_App I keep clicking an icon in the image expecting it to go to one of the 5 screens but instead it just opens the wiki page for that image. Is there an easy way to make that image clickable to one of the 5 targets or consider making the entire thing not clickable?
  18. Team DEMP

    Can’t edit page

    So anyone can create an account, receive edit access and trash pages without any approval? Is that how it is setup now?
  19. Team DEMP

    Clickable image or make unclickable?

    Good deal - added it and it seems to be working fine. http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Navigating_Around_the_App
  20. Team DEMP

    Personal Notes and corrected coordinates

    See http://www.cach.ly/support/index.php?/topic/1070-how-to-use-coordinates-in-personal-cache-note/ for a similar discussion. An option until a more automated solution is considered, would be to go to https://project-gc.com/Profile/SolvedMysteries and add any filter you want such as filtering out found caches, and start updating the corrected coordinate data field. Another option, if you are a GSAK user, is to investigate if the corrected coords you have in the cache note are or can be put to another field in GSAK and then run one of several macros that would update the corrected coordinates on gc.com, which of course would then be reflected in Cachly. Now that GC has mostly resolved the corrected coordinate mash-up, folks should move to what should now be universally supported. The solutions used by GSAK, PGC and older apps are hacks implemented before things were a bit more consistent. GSAK, PGC and other apps are supporting the official method so folks just need to get that step done.
  21. Team DEMP

    Settings screen

    I started the Settings screen (off the More screen) and added each of the setting options. Not a lot of fancy content but includes the basic content. A couple of settings need input - specifically Text Templates and User Location Overlay Map as I wasn't sure of that setting. Anyone who wants can jump in and enhance the contents on this page. http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Settings
  22. Team DEMP

    Expedite cache logging

    I default my log type to Found which, if I'm correctly following your steps, would cut the clicks in half.
  23. Team DEMP

    How to use coordinates in Personal Cache Note?

    I can understand Cachly's desire to not assume/rely on non-standard fields to contain unstructured data that individuals want to be interpreted as structured data, especially when it's specific to a 3rd party site.
  24. Team DEMP

    How to use coordinates in Personal Cache Note?

    My approach... I use Cachly and PGC, and even sometimes GSAK though I leverage PGC much more now.I update the corrected coordinate on the Geocaching.com site when I solve a mystery and Cachly and the Geocaching site/app will honor the geocaching corrected coordinate. I also provide them in the personal cache note so PGC is aware. This will display in Cachly with a red triangle over the icon if there are corrected coordinates associated with the cache.
  25. You are correct it's a GC API driven behavior with cache data being returned based on original coords vs corrected coords. The corrected coordinate processing is handled by Cachly after the data is returned from GC, at least in Live view. With this info being the case, you might want to expand the caches retrieved in live view to cover what might be a cache just outside the current loaded set in case it has a corrected coord that moves it back into the target area. This of course adds more caches against your daily limit, though for me that's normally never a factor. I suspect the behavior is the same on the official app but since that constantly loads new data as you move, it might not be as noticeable. That's even if the official app uses their own API. Also the official app doesn't count against your daily limits like the partner apps.