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  1. randallh

    Earthcache/Virtual Request

    When I do an earthcache or a virtual I usually copy the questions into the "Personal Notes" field and go there to insert the answers after the questions. I then go to the logging session and save a placeholder log to be sent later. The problem is that later, when I go to complete and submit the log, I'd like to submit the answers as well. It would be great if there was an easy way to go from the saved placeholder log to the actual cache page. There may be a way to do this but I haven't figured it out. Thanks! I love Cachly! Randy
  2. randallh

    2 features

    Thanks, Yes, two taps of the arrow mode invokes my preferred view. What I am requesting is for it to have a setting that allows it to default to that (or any other view). It becomes tedious when you leave the map to look at the description or hint and then you return to the map, you have to reset the view again. Randy
  3. randallh

    2 features

    I was an early Cachly adopter and love it. I would like to see two new features: 1) My Delorme PN-60 has a proximity alarm. When I am headed towards a cache, it chimes when I am 200 feet away and then again when I am 40 feet away. This is helpful because I can walk, drive, or ride my bike to a cache without constantly looking at my phone. 2) I prefer to navigate on map mode. My preferred orientation is course-up. Could you give us the option to make that a default? Thanks, Randy Hodges