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  1. Petwiz

    Caches not working

    Barefootgruru, There are many Caches hidden in my area. Nic Hubbard has resolved my lack of Cache issues. Thank you for the assist. Problem solved.
  2. Petwiz

    Caches not working

    It is a bit better. However, the closest Cache to me is 25 mi away. I do have my home location established. Can not get Caches in or near my location.
  3. Petwiz

    Caches not working

    My home location is showing.
  4. Petwiz

    Caches not working

    No, I do not have a icon funnel on live map. Appears to be radius problem.? No funnel. What’s next
  5. Petwiz

    Caches not working

    Open cachly no caches come up, press curcle artow caches appear but notnear my home location. What’s the problem?