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  1. LouiseAnn

    Suport for GCA caches

    Thanks for contacting me about this issue. I am happy to work with you to resolve it
  2. LouiseAnn

    Suport for GCA caches

    Your website says your app supports GCA caches and this is why I purchased Cachly yesterday. However GCA caches do not display in any sort of usable way. The map has a whole lot of black dots, the list displays no details except the cache code, and when you open a cache, they are all called "@@Feel the Illinoise!" and have no details. I'd be happy to work with you on testing fixes for this pretty major issue, I also feel you should remove GCA compatibility off the website ASAP and if you aren't prepared to fix this issue, I'd like to know how I get a refund for this fairly expensive app that doesn't met the need only need I bought it for.