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  1. Not a big concern for me and I live on the NJ/NY border. These are the caches around my home location and you can see there's no map segments displayed in the top right quadrant of the screen as that is the NY border. Switching is quick. 




  2. Cachly updates like any iPhone app. On your phone and usually on your phone's first screen of icons is a blue icon labeled App Store. Click the App Store icon and once opened click Updates in the bottom right of the screen. 

    If you are configured to auto update, there are probably no apps showing that need to be updated as your phone does it for you behinds the scenes. If you are set to manual updates, each app will have an Update button listed and you just click Update for each app.

    You might have already been updated to the latest version depending on your phone settings.

    I hope that helps.

  3. 3 hours ago, barefootguru said:

    My favourite feature is vector maps — have downloaded the entirety of New Zealand for the same size as a suburb before :]

    This is mine as well. Downloading an entire US state is quick/small.  Even when using the app and having a strong/fast cellular connection, loading the offline maps is much quicker/snappier then Google maps. 

  4. A broad question but if you are asking about how to upload a picture with your log submission...

    When you are in the screen where you type the log entry, there's a + in dashed box in the bottom left. If you click that + you can either attach a picture you've already taken from your phone's photo library or you can take a new picture.

    Is that what you are looking for?

  5. That is your iPhone suggesting an application to use based on multiple factors such as location, time of day and frequently used application. It's an iPhone feature and nothing specific to Cachly. You can disable the iPhone from suggesting an application on the lock screen if it annoys you - Google iPhone lock screen suggested app

  6. This is available in the upcoming 2.0 release of the app. I can click on a cachers name and it shows a page with Finds, Hides, logs, etc. When you click the cacher's hides it brings up a map page or list of their hides, but I expect not any archived hides. I see all the cachers active hides on the map with smileys if I found or the appropriate non-found icon you see today. 

    So I think you'll see more details in 2.0 but I don't know if it would have helped if you are trying to find that possible missing archived cache. Maybe someone else has another suggestion/approach.

  7. It is possible to add via a blind back end web URL - 

    where the value is the cache id. Requires an active connection or if offline, would need to be batched and executed once connected.  Even if not "API'ed" I'd prefer this approach then having to go to the full website. 

    To stop watching a cache I'm not sure it can be done through a single web call as the current UI prompts to confirm but maybe that can be included for a "silent" stop watching. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, CWillyPngn said:

    As for the GC App, I was able to see the link in the Ramapo Tour Wherigo (GC19M6B) although you had to scroll down the page to see it.

    Ahh - I had the Text button selected at the top of the Description tab in the GC.com app. When I switched to the Web view of the description the link was there. Thanks for pointing that out. 

  9. Nic - What I think the situation is here is that there's a link in the cache description that takes you to a Wherigo page to download the cartridge. You can see the behavior by going to cache GC19M6B and in the description that is shown in Cachly is a link to the Wherigo page. That link opens in the embedded cachly browser and from there you'd log into the Wherigo site and download the cartridge, which is just a file. The cartridge needs to be loaded in the Whereigo player app, but in a regular browser on your phone you'd be able to download the file that would load into Wherigo. That download doesn't work in the embedded Cachly browser. 

    I'm also interested in the posters comment how it can be done on the GC app because, at least for the cache I referenced, that cache link to download isn't displayed while it is more appropriately displayed in Cachly. 

  10. I'll take a stab at this but it could be a result of Cachly launching an internal browser vs calling out to Safari, Chrome, etc which would handle the situation. You can confirm this by going to the cache page on GC.com via your regular browser on iPhone, accessing the cache and then accessing the cartridge from that browser. 

    The GC.com iPhone app , at least for the Whereigo cache near me, doesn't even display a link in the description to download the cartridge so I'm wondering which cache you were viewing in the GC app that allowed you to download it. 

  11. The rule at GC.com is a puzzle cache final coords must be within 2 miles of the original posted coords - https://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#mystery . I'd suspect it would be a very edge case that the coords are on the fringe of the 50 caches loaded and then a simple reload of more caches would catch it. Is that accurate or am I not understanding the concern? 

  12. I'm ok with the cache note approach implemented in 2.0.  I prefer it on the main page vs off the ... menu which took multiple clicks to see whether had I had added anything or not. I'm also ok with it going right to edit mode since cache notes on GC.com are pretty restricted in length with most of mine being a couple sentences at max.

    Distance to cache shown next to the coords seems ok to me. I'm not showing 0 in the caches I looked at. It's "as the crow flies" vs any specific route but is what I'd expect. 

  13. Still not working. Saw your email and I see the same behavior. Fails and the log of Needs Maintenance shows as a pending Field Note.  GC should be able to test this and then you can test too by posting a log with Needs Maintenance. You can always go to the web site and delete the post once it works.

  14. I had DNFed a cache many (8+) years ago and today I went back and found it. After I logged a find and went back to the map the cache icon showed both a smiley and a DNF. Not sure if that's what should show or the latest log should be what the icon shows. If I refresh the map (and have the map show my finds), it displays as just a smiley/found after refreshing the map. 

    See screenshot. 


  15. So far 2 times this morning after logging a DNF in Cachly I immediately went to log a follow up Needs Maintenance using Cachly. Both times the app returned an Error dialog that said failed. I tried multiple times in each of the 2 caches. I was able to log a Needs Archive fine. An app issue or something wonky on GC.com?

    I went to the website via my phone and logged it that way.

    I can't recall if I've previously logged Needs Maintenance using Cachly but I would say yes.

    Using latest version which is the only version I've ever used.





  16. Can you provide the GC code for the event that is showing up?   I'll look it up and see if it shows up . If so, it's possibly not cachly but the data being sent back from GC.com . It will help troubleshoot, not that I work for Cachly so I can't fix it if it is an app issue. 

  17. Do you mean hitting the button in the top right that loads more caches into the map?

    If you go to the maIn settings page by clicking ... at the bottom of the screen and then go into Settings there is an option called Fit to Map. Turn that off and see if it behaves the way you want.

    If not, what are you doing/clicking when you say "refresh the map"?

    David - Team DEMP

  18. I'm a newer purchaser and haven't yet put the app through many days of use but I really enjoy what it offers. The main reason I looked for an app was the display of solved puzzle caches in the gc.com free app didn't show with corrected coords which made it useless to use the map page in locating solved caches.


    In my initial use finding just a couple of caches, I've noticed 2 items for consideration


    1) When launching a cache on geocaching.com (... -> View on geoaching.com) , Cachly currently launches in an internal browser. Each time it launches, you need to log in, assuming you want to do something as an authenticated user. Is it possibly to launch an external browser (I use Chrome) as it would remember me as a logged in user. Or maybe if using the internal browser that it persist the necessary gc.com cookie?


    2) The photos feature on a cache is great but unlike similar links to Hint, Trackables, etc if there are no Photos, the link is active and you click to see there are no photos to display. Can the app detect there are no photos and disable the option to click through like with no hint, no trackables, etc?


    As a side note unrelated to the app, the forums here seem to no longer show replies/views for any posts started in late July. You can see this on http://www.cach.ly/support/index.php?/forum/3-feature-requests/looking at the top posts in the forum where it shows 0/0 for replied and views. 


    Many thanks!