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  1. Search by attribute? I think I love you
  2. I might add "and team demp" to that tattoo I'm too wussy to get thanks
  3. I have been using Cachly ever since the threat of loss GC classic app seemed inevitable. I was swiftly won over - great job, developers. Love the app. After discovering I could attach eleventy-five photos to every log, I promptly declared that a: I was never going to log any other way, and b: I was almost ready to tattoo "I heart Cachly " but for the fact that I am a big wuss. Anyway is it possible to add to a log a bit of text that is always the same and always there (just like an email signature) for eg "logbook signed as VR because I'm lazy" and.... is it possible to do a one button press "visit all held trackables" because- well - see above comment re: lazy. Many thanks VR
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