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importing GPX hangs while processing

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Often when I try to import a GPX file, the app says "Processing..." and then hangs forever.  Steps:

1. terminate cachly app

2. go to mail app (Inbox in my case) and tap on the gpx attachment, then select "Copy to Cachly".  Or, tap on a gpx file using the ios 11 "Files" app.

3. when cachly starts up, select "Choose Offline List"

4. use + to create new list, then tap Save

5. tap new list

6. tap Import

Here it hangs with "Processing..."   If cachly was already running before I select the gpx then it will work.  I'm on ios 11 but this happened on ios 10 as well.

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On 9/17/2017 at 0:50 AM, rragan said:

I've seen this in iOS 10. Most often it happens when I als create a new list on the steps of the import. 

I've seen it too when generating a new list. I usually do that, if needed, prior to the import. 

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