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  1. With some lists, I can't filter on highlight color. If I set up a filter with highlight color = black, it doesn't match any caches. (Filtering on “is highlighted” works, though) With other lists, it works. I noticed it works on lists that I created with a pocket query. It doesn't work on lists that I created by loading a .gpx file, or by adding caches to a list from the live tab.
  2. Pfalstad

    filtering on highlight color doesn't work sometimes

    It does fix it, thanks! And plus, I didn't know I could edit the highlight color labels? That's great, I was going to ask for that..
  3. Pfalstad

    Indication of filter options

    It would be nice if, instead of just saying “filtering on”, you could show a short description of the active filter. Alternatively, in the filter options popup, you could clearly highlight anything that’s not set to the default. Several times now, I have missed nearby caches because there was a restrictive filter turned on (like favorite points >= some value) and I didn’t notice. Thanks.
  4. Pfalstad

    Zooming in on map data

    When I switch to arc gps topo and zoom in to read the tiny numbers, the whole screen changes to “map data not yet available”. Why couldn’t it just show me the same map data, only bigger?
  5. Pfalstad

    weird thing with encrypted log

    Bring up GC726GZ, view the logs and scroll all the way down to the first log (from The Blue Heron). The actual log is encrypted, and starts Woohoo! (Jbbubb!). When I view it on cachly, it doesn't show that; the first time I tried it, it showed IrisbrambleBeardFace's log. Now it's showing bluedevil96's log. It doesn't happen every time.. It may take several tries for the wrong log to appear. I am running 5.0.4 (1)
  6. If I try to filter out caches that contain the string "X" or "Y", using two name-based inverted filters, it doesn't work. It matches all caches, even if they have "X" or "Y" in the name. If you turn off one of the two filters, then it works as expected. Also, if I try to match only caches that contain the string "X" and the string "Y", then it actually gives me all caches that contain either "X" or "Y", even if I have logic set to "AND". See attached screenshots for the first case (I'm trying to filter out caches with "Dog" or "Chopsticks" but it still gives me caches that contain those words)
  7. I loaded a GPX file generated with GSAK, mostly full of mystery caches with corrected coordinates, and noticed that two of the caches were being displayed at the south pole on the map, instead of being shown at their correct locations. When viewing the list of caches, the distance was reported as 7000 miles or some huge number. If I navigate to one of these caches, it displays in the right place, but one of the waypoints is shown at the south pole. This waypoint is displayed on the website but its coordinates are hidden, so it probably shouldn't be displayed at all. If I refresh these caches, the problem goes away. If I delete the corrected coordinates from GSAK (but leave the bad waypoint) and make a new GPX, the new GPX works. Cachly 3.0.3 (14) on a iPhone X running 11.1.1, and I can send you the GPX
  8. I tried 3.1 and the caches are no longer at the South Pole.. they’re off the coast of Africa.
  9. Some of my caches have a parking waypoint that I added in GSAK. I've noticed that I often can't tap on the parking waypoint to set it as my target so I can route to it. I have to tap-and-hold to create a pin nearby, and then set that as my target. Then I figured out that I can tap on a waypoint if it has description text, but not otherwise. So it would be nice to be able to tap on a waypoint that doesn't have a description. In the meantime I'll make sure my waypoints have description text (or just use the tap-and-hold workaround).
  10. Ok, sent, though I can't seem to attach files with the Email Support option.
  11. Pfalstad

    disappearing icon when zooming in

    Here's a weird one.. I have a multicache icon that disappears (fades out after a short delay) when I zoom in. When I zoom out it reappears again. Steps: 1. load offline database with a bunch of caches in it 2. correct one of the caches (on gc.com) so it's a long ways away, like add 4 to the north degrees. (I tested this with a traditional or multi) 3. refresh that cache in cachly 4. find its new location 5. zoom in and out. Cache will disappear when zoomed in. Fortunately the cache stays put if you are navigating to it, so it's not a big problem. Only happens when viewing multiple caches.
  12. Pfalstad

    disappearing icon when zooming in

    Cachly 3.0.3, iOS 11.0.3 on an iPhone 7. It happens with or without clustering. http://www.falstad.com/zoombug.mp4
  13. Often when I try to import a GPX file, the app says "Processing..." and then hangs forever. Steps: 1. terminate cachly app 2. go to mail app (Inbox in my case) and tap on the gpx attachment, then select "Copy to Cachly". Or, tap on a gpx file using the ios 11 "Files" app. 3. when cachly starts up, select "Choose Offline List" 4. use + to create new list, then tap Save 5. tap new list 6. tap Import Here it hangs with "Processing..." If cachly was already running before I select the gpx then it will work. I'm on ios 11 but this happened on ios 10 as well.
  14. Pfalstad

    Corrected Coordinates

    Ok, I was assuming it was still broken. It's still somewhat broken, but I think I can work around the issues and switch over now. Thanks.
  15. Pfalstad

    Corrected coord icon + "GSAK notes"

    Hmm. Yes, when I download a PQ in cachly I do get the indicator. That's surprising. When I download a PQ in GSAK I don't. I thought GSAK used the API as well. Unfortunately I need the indicator in GSAK, since I use it to load my GPS. But, I suppose I could use the "Get Geocaches" feature in GSAK instead.
  16. Pfalstad

    Corrected Coordinates

    Hi, the original poster asked for a way to refresh caches without overwriting the corrected coordinates, if the coordinates are corrected in the GPX but not on geocaching.com. That's the feature I wanted. I use GSAK to build GPX files and load them into Cachly. Right now I only correct coordinates in GSAK for various reasons. So when I refresh a cache, my coordinates get overwritten with the posted coordinates.
  17. Pfalstad

    Corrected coord icon + "GSAK notes"

    Well, when I download pocket queries, I get the coordinates updated with no indication that they've been corrected. So I don't know which puzzles have been solved. It works fine with the API though. I suppose I could use the GSAK "Get Geocaches" feature to fetch caches, and just stop using pocket queries? (At least for puzzles)
  18. Pfalstad

    Corrected Coordinates

    I'd like to see this too! I need to do the refresh to see the cache note and the latest logs. (since I don't see a way to easily load the cache page (into a browser) from Cachly.. That would be a nice feature too.) I'm not sure why Cachly would rid of the corrected coordinates anyway? It knows they're corrected, right? I tried using corrected coordinates on geocaching.com when the feature was first introduced, but stopped because I ran into problems (I don't remember what). I can look into trying this again, but I'd rather not have to change my workflow, and this feature seems simple enough to add. Cachly is a great app, though!