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This is not strictly filtering but I'm looking for a clever way to clean up part of an aggregated offline list. The list was formed by copying several lists to a single one. I copied Year 2001 hides, webcams, and Cache Across America all focused on West Virginia. Then looking at the map it became clear that the large cluster of caches at the East side of the state were not in range for this driving trip. That left 3 on the west side of the state. What I would love to be able to do is just put those in the Map Bounds and "Delete Visible Caches". Alas, there is no such function. My solution was to manually add those three to another list, then filter on West Virginia and Delete Filtered Caches and finally copy those three back to the aggregated list. 

Any other clever way to do this? Maybe highlight those three, filter on West Virginia plus not highlighted and then delete filtered caches. That might have been one step shorter. 

This is a subtle way to ask for some actions on the current visible caches in offline. Handy ones would be: Delete Visible, highlight visible, remove highlight of visible. 

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