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As someone who has just moved over from Geosphere I went and found 4 caches using Cachly on the weekend. All online as I was local and had good network coverage, and the whole thing worked excellently. But there are a number of nearby areas where I can be out of mobile coverage area. I also generate PQs for the whole state on NSW, Australia mainly as I used to be called upon to travel for work up to 100km without notice if there was a fault, or 200km with a days notice. That doesn't happen these days but it is a habit to just have all the caches for the state offline (about 21000 with Geocaching Australia ones included).

So I want to download my offline PQs to a single database - but each one comes down to a different offline list (they are generated by date placed). I have seen that it is possible to download to a single list but haven't been able to work out how. I have yet to try and import the Geocaching Australia ones into there as well. I am sure it is very easy to do but just need to know how.

Otherwise it is a great app and I love what I have seen so far. Yet to try the offline maps but I have downloaded the one for Australia.


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That’s exactly how I do it. Download all of WA in about 12 PQs. I run by date range so I run the latest date daily and import before I head out. Merge inTo a fThat works really well for me. If you use GSAK, you can also create all caches to a single GPX and then import via Dropbox.  

Work also allows me to travel so I run radius PQs for the areas I visit in other states and merge those as well. 


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