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1 hour ago, barefootguru said:

Will do.  You might want to add something to the main page or signup process explaining the above.

Well, the majority of people I would like moderation turned on. People that I know have participated in the forums or beta testers we can allow around those restrictions.

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28 minutes ago, barefootguru said:

I meant adding some text explaining you need to request access to edit the wiki.

It's off-putting having your edits silently ignored, and people are used to wikis allowing changes.

I am happy for input. Do you think we should remove moderation? I guess I was just worried about spam.

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Hopefully spam won't be an issue. But if it is, moderation for unknown users seems reasonable to me. If you do end up turning it back on, I wonder if there is a way to make it more apparent to the user what is going on. What I experienced this morning was quite jarring. After saving a change, I was taken back to the page with no sign of my change, and there was no message anywhere indicating the submission requires review before it will be published. I've got plenty of experience with unmoderated wikis from an editer's perspective, but I'm not sure what sort of control the installation package gives you over the messaging for a user who is being moderated.

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