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    ppporch reacted to rragan in Deprecation of direct email contact   
    Breaking news. Public outcry has saved email.
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    ppporch reacted to MrGigabyte in Deprecation of direct email contact   
    Another useless, unnecessary and stupid change by those clowns in Seattle. I have 16 years worth of emails to and from cachers that I can search for without ever using any proprietary message center. If their programmers can't figure out how to "support another system" (email), then they have hired the wrong programmers.
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    ppporch reacted to rragan in Deprecation of direct email contact   
    Upcoming changes to Profile and Dashboard. 
    I don't mind the UI refresh but removing the ability to email a user and leaving only Message Center is going to be a problem. The plan for those who like email is that you initiate the conversation via message center and then switch to email since the initial message also goes to email. 
    This sucks if you use any 3rd party apps like Cachly which provide direct email support by linking to the Send Email page. They will break and have no access to the Private Message API so you will be forced to geocaching.com's app for communication. 
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    ppporch reacted to Nic Hubbard in Filter Options for 3.0   
    In 3.0 we are introducing filtering of Offline Lists. Here are the proposed filter options, please feel free to give input and suggest additional filters.
    Attributes Cache Type Container Size Country Date Placed Difficulty Distance DNF Favorites Found GC Code Has Corrected Coordinates Has Images Has Personal Cache Note Has Trackables Is Archived Is Available Is Highlighted Is Ignored Is Premium Logs contain text Long Description Owned Owner Name Personal Cache Note Placed By Short Description State Terrain Title Trackables count NOTE:
    Text filters such as description, title, placed by, etc will have the following options:
    Begins with Ends with Matches Contains Numeric filters such as terrain, difficulty etc will have the following options:
    Is less than Is less than or equal to Is greater than Is greater than or equal to Is equal to Is not equal to
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    ppporch reacted to Team DEMP in DNF color in overview screen   
    The traditional icons/color are a bit more obvious/natural then the pure color ones but I use it as a glancing reference. I'm ok with either but if I needed to vote, I'd select the traditional site ones - yellow smile, blue frown, etc.
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    ppporch reacted to rragan in DNF color in overview screen   
    Having to guess/remember the meaning of dot color is not great to my mind. I screen captured Looking4Cache app and blended their use of icons with a Cachly screen cap. The result shows that the more mnemonic icon circles they use ought to take no more real estate than is currently used. A blue frownie, yellow smiley, etc then are like the map view. 

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    ppporch reacted to Nic Hubbard in Map to list focus   
    I very much like the idea behind this as I too have wished I could quickly find a cache in the list that I see on the map.
    However my only thought it how I also like to scroll through list view and leave it at a certain place, then browse the map and return to list. If it had been scrolled for each cache I tapped I would be really confused as a user. So, I think there would need to be a user setting to turn this on.
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    ppporch reacted to DSimm626 in Multiple items   
    Downloaded Cachly a few days before Ver 2 came out. I'm a GeoSphere user. So here are a couple ideas for you to kick around :-)
    Just listened to you on the Geocaching Podcast. Great job btw.
    Friends list: This is a c:geo thing I believe. When you view a cache, you can also see if any of your friends have found the cache. The friends list comes from "Your Friends" list on geocaching.com. A older version of GeoSphere would show your log(if you loaded a cache you found) and the logs of your friends.
    Field note templates: GeoSphere lets you create FN templates so when you log a field note you don't have to type the same thing over. This is great for when you are caching with someone you can already have this part in your log. Also great for copy & paste logs on power trails. GeoSphere also lets you add local date/time and find count to your log. I always 'sign' my geonick and where I am from on all my logs.
    Thanks for your hard work and listening to your users of your app!! I hope to learn more about cachly as I get more time to cache!
    David(aka Shilo)
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    ppporch reacted to SurfaBoy in 'Live' updating maps.   
    I do love the Cachly app but one thing I think it needs (and is available on other third party apps) is LIVE updating maps, I want to be able to get in my car at the start of my journey and as I pass caches on my route they update and appear live onto my map without me pressing or doing anything. There is a LIVE button on the maps in Looking For Cache app which is the exact feature, it loads as I move- this would be a killer feature and bean I can delete L4C. If this feature is available, I can't find it :-)
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    ppporch reacted to SurfaBoy in Selected info on Offline Caches   
    Just another thought- when I download a cache into my offline list it would be nice to be able to select what info I want to be available offline- at there moment I have LITE or FULL. LITE is not really enough info but FULL takes a while to download. It would be nice to be able to select LITE BUT with Hints. Or LITE with Hints and logs. Maybe a tick box option of the sections you actually want downloaded. A lot of the time I just want the location and the hint but it would be cool to be able to select what info to put offline. Thanks. 
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    ppporch reacted to Attila_G in Readability   
    Maybe it's more a question than a "feature request"... Not always but often I need glasses to use my iPhone. A few days ago when I was in the field, I realized that the readability of the Cachly interface is not optimal. Small gray text on a gray background is a killer.
    Why not making the important text black?
    Why not making it a little more bolder?
    Why not making the font size bigger when there is a lot of empty room (e.g. coordinates/distance)?
    I know Cachly has a nice look but compared with other apps not a good readability.
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    ppporch reacted to bloodycool in find history (colored dots) added to initial cache summary pop-up?   
    A friend and I were having a caching day yesterday, and during a lunch break we were looking for our next set of caches to find. I mentioned how nice it would be if when you tapped on a cache, the initial pop-up that has the cache name, size, type, distance D/T, TBs, and favorites also showed the colored dots of the last 5 finds. It seems like there would be room for that in that initial window and it would eliminate the need to tap into the cache for additional details. This would make it much quicker to get a quick idea of which caches in the are findable and which might be more problematic. My friend said he was just having the exact same thought. 
    As always, love the app. 
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    ppporch reacted to Nic Hubbard in Voting for Feature Requests   
    You can now vote for feature requests. This will help us to know how popular suggested features might be. Please vote!
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    ppporch reacted to vanBaarsel in Cachly 2.1 unified database   
    A little off topic, but I guess there are a lot of "refugees" using Cachly! Great to see an active developer again 
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    ppporch reacted to Nic Hubbard in multiple choices for Default Log text   
    Yes. Happy to have them!
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    ppporch reacted to wwbd in multiple choices for Default Log text   
    I would like to request the ability to have multiple choices for default Log Text. This would be helpful when doing a power trail when there isn't much to say for a nano on a stop sign or a lampost. Also sometimes when I'm out of town, I like to leave a note in my log where I'm from in addition to my regular log. Maybe one for FTFs. Another for acknowledging a series. Things like that. 
    I've also noticed that the cursor starts at the end of the default text when logging a find. I prefer to put my date/time and find count at the end of my logs. It's just an extra click but a nice convenience if this could be changed to drop the cursor where I tell it to in the default text.
    Thanks again for all your work on this. I used it exclusively for a cache run this past weekend. I'm looking forward to v2!