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  1. Do you have some replication steps for searching for a GC and the cache doesn't show and label shows? Do you have the option "Clears map on refresh" off? For offline maps, do you have replication steps?
  2. Yes, I would also recommend saving a pending log until you have better reception. This can save time and provide much better results.
  3. Thanks, I will investigate this and get it fixed.
  4. Very sorry about the delay in updating. It has now been fixed and has a working map. :)
  5. I just added it to the list for you.
  6. Ah, I see. Live and Offline are two separate parts of the app, so I wouldn't want them to move to match positions. Maybe there is some middle ground and I can think of a way to help your use case...
  7. This is not currently a planned feature.
  8. This would be a pretty large feature and isn't something currently planned.
  9. Instead, just choose the Duplicate option, then on the new screen set as Corrected Coordinates.
  10. I would need some more information such as which map you are using and a more in-depth explanation with screenshots of what you mean.
  11. Please take a screen video if you can as I am not 100% sure what the issue here is.
  12. Yes, view the offline list. Then tap the ... button and choose "Add to List". Choose the caches you want then at the top switch to "Online" where you can save the caches to an already created list or create a new one.
  13. You can either save them to an Online list which is saved to geocaching.com and can be accessed on both devices. Or, you can export a GPX and import that into your iPad.
  14. Were you meaning integrate with Project GC to include their checker in Cachly?
  15. Move would move caches from one list to another, just like moving files from one folder to another on a computer. Merge will do the same thing but remove the offline list that the caches were moved from. This is done by tapping the ... then choosing Sort. This will allow you to drag the lists in a different order or use the sorting options.
  16. Hmm, this sounds like a harder one to test. Will dig into it.
  17. Yes, still on my list to update.
  18. This is expected behavior. Lab caches do not have a difficulty, so when you apply a filter like that, it excludes labs.
  19. This means there are more cacehs to load. If you don't move the map, and continue to tap that button, it will load more and more caches from your initial search.
  20. Yes, it looks like this is affecting offine maps. Working on a fix.
  21. Thanks, will work to regenerate this map.
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