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  1. @Nic Hubbard is any chance in the new version add a personal info on labcaches? example….. inside a personal info folder ( have a car parking zone at …… km), to annotate interest info , etc… thanks
  2. Is possible to show stage number in icon lab cache stage?, and appears the stages too? @Nic Hubbard
  3. @Nic Hubbard make this happened
  4. @Nic Hubbard Is good to add a cachly widget with various sizes on front page like as geocaching widget to shows where is neighbors geocaches . thanks
  5. Yes , I have take one random image to one of my geocache and is there ( in the cache code name folder).
  6. Yes, the sample pic I have take, all the old pics are missed
  7. The Cachly folder as gone, so I take a random pin in one of my caches and now appears again, but the old with all pictures as gone I have login on the geocaching.com and nothing appears on personal notes is very rare this situation. is good to have in the app some Security copy or other method
  8. i have 1 note and 1 pic in that particular cache and nothing appears. I not have any change on the cloud , I think I have logged out, and login again , but…. The folder not should be disappeared, correct?
  9. The folder Cachly with the cloud as gone with the pictures. And the info I have in someone cache as disappears. I don’t use offline lists
  10. Hi, after the update I have lost all personal notes, I use the personal notes to take a pic of the cache and I don’t have any, why?
  11. Yes I use both
  12. Hi Nic, Is any chance to upload (import), like as .GPX but in .txt from Garmin? Is a good idea to upload the .txt from the gps Garmin and change the log to the models we have in the templates logs in Cachly. example: Txt from Garmin file: GC5K608,2021-08-15T14:23Z,Found it,"" To template I have in found it is: *|date_medium|* |§| *|week_day|* Dia onde foi possível descobrir mais uma caixinha e colocar mais um smile no mapa. Depois de alguma procura, lá apareceu o que se procurava e de boa saúde. Registada a passagem, container arrumado no seu devido local e siga caminho. Descoberta efetuada em família com o filhote 2kache. OPC (*|owner_name|*) por dar a conhecer este recanto e por proporcionar bons momentos nesta aventura. *|cache_name|* > *|cache_code|* TFTC ***|username|*** thanks.
  13. IVAPER

    Owner nick

    Hi Nic, for example, (I speak for myself); we have some geocachers where they only put t5, and they are t5, difficult to do, knowing who the owner is, I leave these to do at another time with necessary material, otherwise I have to open the page to see who the owner is. appearing the owner is always an asset.
  14. IVAPER

    Owner nick

    Hi Nic, in the update is possible to apear the owner name when is cliqued the cache? thanks
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