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  1. Hmm, are you using the same App Store account?
  2. You would just use the "Restore Purchases" option on the bottom of the payment screen.
  3. Check your filters. Try resetting them then search again.
  4. This is a bug in the geocaching.com API that I am working with them to fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Do you have full cache data turned on as well as loading 100 caches at a time? If so, either turn off full cache data or set the number of caches to 70. These combined settings overwhelm the geocaching.com API.
  6. I don't have a release date to announce at this time.
  7. Can you try using the "clear all checkmarks" option in Settings?
  8. Thanks. This will be fixed in our next release.
  9. There are MANY ways to get a GPX into Cachly. Basically any place in iOS that has a share option, you can share that file with Cachly. You can do this from Dropbox, Files, etc etc. In email, just long press on the file itself and you can share with Cachly.
  10. I have tested and can replicate this as well. Sadly this is Dropbox crashing, not Cachly, so I have no way to investigate it. My guess is they changed something in their newest update. In Cachly 8.0 we no longer use the Dropbox app but use the Files app instead to access Dropbox files. Until then, I would start in the Dropbox app then choose to share with Cachly.
  11. Cachly provides support for many apps. They just don't show unless you have them installed: https://help.cachly.com/article/29-routing-providers Support for sharing to Tesla will be coming in our 8.0 version.
  12. You are are on the navigate to cache screen, tap the ... button and you will have options to share the coords with. Is that what you were wanting?
  13. So a 502 error is what you are getting. And from what I understand, that is on the client side. Which is the user. Have you tested this on both wifi and cell data? Are you using VPN or have a firewall that could be affecting the request?
  14. If you can get the one list to error, send me the debug data by doing More > Help & Support > Debug data and send to support@cach.ly. Thanks.
  15. Is this a specific list that you are having issues with? There have been PQ issues where a specific cache will cause the API to throw a 500 error, but it is hard to replicate.
  16. Thanks for the suggestion, will look into this.
  17. Yes, this has been added in our 8.0 version which is in development.
  18. Sounds like something is not synced. Go to Settings > Highlighting and choose the option to manually sync highlights.
  19. This has been fixed in our 8.0 version, due for release in a few months.
  20. This isn't something that we have planned currently, as Cachly is a one user app. I will for sure consider this for a future version.
  21. Strange, I haven't seen any certificate errors. The cert. expiries in April but I will update before then. We have had some mysql issues that caused the the form to be down, could that be what you were seeing?
  22. This has been added to our 8.0 version which will be out early this year.
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