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I just checked recent feedback on the App Store.  I see that most users really like Cachly.  In my opinion most who don't like it don't like it because they are Basic members and were expecting to see more geocaches.  You clearly state this limitation in the product description.  However, it's at the very bottom.  I suggest you consider moving this disclaimer to a more prominent location, probably with the "Find Caches" information.  You might get fewer sales from basic members, but overall ratings may improve which might help in the long run.  Just a thought.

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Thanks everyone. Yeah, as you have seen pretty much all negative reviews do I have to do with Regular users. :(

Great idea about moving the restriction text elsewhere. Will do that for the 3.0.1 update, since Apple doesn't let me change that text unless we submit an update.

Here is my idea:

- Find Caches
Current location, coordinates, search for a location, or GC code. *Basic member restrictions do apply. Some features only show for Premium users.

Then at the bottom of the description it has the full disclaimer.


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18 minutes ago, Team DEMP said:

Might you want to call out ... Basic Geocaching.com member restrictions do apply.

Previously Apple did not allow me to mention geocaching.com. It was some sort of rule that held back the 1.0 release of Cachly initially. I could try again, but not sure if they will allow it.

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