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Offline List - gear icon flashing


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I'm trying Cachly again since it's been upgraded to V3. I'm currently using 3.0.2 (4). I prefer using offline lists and noticed something unusual. The gear icon keeps turning and flashing in the centre of the screen, whether I am in list view or map view. I believe this has something to do with "Re-sort caches for location updates" in settings. I have this toggled on because I like to have the offline list always showing the nearest cache at the top. I find the constant flashing of the gear icon annoying though. Coming from the Geosphere platform, I find this curious, as it never happened in that app. Is there a way to suppress it?

File 2017-07-17, 12 50 58 PM.png

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9 hours ago, MrGigabyte said:

I can confirm this is still happening in 3.0.3 (4)

Screen video capture...


Alright, FINALLY replicated this after realizing it took both sorting by distance and the automatic re-sort option to be turned on. This has been fixed for sure in beta 5. Please confirm when released.

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