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Find/DNF Count on cache


Adding total find, DNF OM, NM, counts might be useful somewhere.

I've only really ever wanted to find this information on several outings, and ended up viewing on geocaching.com to accomplish what I wanted.

It might be nice though to have it in the "Additional Information" section of the cache. 

If you were to want it displayed on the main cache page, it might be less clutter if added to the banner after click on "Logs"  kind of up at the top.  So it would look like [ Smile # DNF # "Logs" OM # NM#]


Just a thought.

Converted a couple more geocachers into believers today at an event.  It's not even hard to get people using your app.

Love what you guys do.

Cache on.

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I can almost guarantee you that Nick will reply saying this is a great idea (which it is) but not possible. I doubt it's part of the API because it's not in any app that I know of. In fact there is a current discussion in the GSAK forum where a user is writing a SQL query to get this information from their GSAK database. This wouldn't be necessary if either the GPX file or the API provided this information. 

While it's possible that I'm wrong I know I won't be wrong about Nick replying because Cachly support is phenomenal as you know. 

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