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There are times when I'd love to store an image with the personal note but GS does not allow this. I could stash it in a note log but if the image is a spoiler that's not good. If it could be stored with other cache images but only local to the device, that seems a possibility. Maybe I could finesse it by storing in an offline log but there is a risk that might get uploaded by accident. I guess I could store it in a cloud photo service and link from personal note but that is getting fiddly. Leaving it on the camera roll on the phone is the best I've got but no way to tie the photo to the cache. 

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2 hours ago, rragan said:

I like the sharing aspect but would they be on any device that had synced with the cloud? I'm concerned about viewing the image in offline mode. 

Yes, if we implemented the iCloud feature that I mentioned, then yes. Or another alternative would be to just store the images on the device. 

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any news to the feature discussed here. Recently I had a talk with a fellow Cacher. I had a question about a waypoint and a minute later he sent me a photo of what I was looking for. This was so fast, I was amazed and asked him if his Geocaching app was able to store photos related to the caches. He answered: No, unfortunately not. For some time he maintained a Evernote cache database, but finally he abondoned because the extra work of managing cache fotos in another app was too cumbersome and time consuming.

This would be a great feature ...

  1. for those who like to document their caching
  2. for those who want to remember nice caches with photos they cannot store in the found log
  3. for stages of multis (always helpful to be able to look up again whether one has noted down the last coordinates correctly)

Sure, you'd have to think it through. First step would be to store personal photos with the cache locally on the device with the possibility of a structured export (e.g. one dir with GC code and cache name per cache). This would ensure that nothing is lost and can be transferred to a personal photo starage location later.

iCloud sync could be a secont step/improvement.


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