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Corrected coordinate entry



Most often my corrected coordinate is not in separate Lat and Long parts. Rather it looks like N37° 23.212'  W122° 16.922. That's typically the format Certitude wants for validation and the format it writes to the personal note for you. It is a pain to take the two parts and spin the wheels to enter the value for the two parts. Entering the full form would help a lot  

I know this means you would have to parse a coordinate in one of several possible formats but logic to do this need only be written once and there are several places in the app that can then take advantage of that code for other features. 

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I'll add a +1 to this.  The ability to put (paste) a coordinate in in a single go, rather than having to specify it in halves, would be much appreciated when editing or adding a waypoint. 

If it would support the addition of the coordinate in a number of different formats (DD MM.MMM, D.DDDD, DD MM SS) then that would also be appreciated as a number of puzzles and multis often use these different formats in their calculations.

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