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  1. Lulybelle

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    That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks
  2. Lulybelle

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    I have another question about this. I love the list created when I log caches and use it to keep track i can't find a way to delete one saved, but not logged, log at a time. I have multiple finds to log which I want to do on the web, then I want to delete them as I've logged them. ismthere a way to do,this?
  3. Lulybelle

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    That's brilliant, thanks very much - just what I was looking for
  4. Lulybelle

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    Ah yes, thanks for pointing that out. Is there also a way to bring up a list of those caches i.e. visited but not logged, in the order they were visited? also could there be a 'not found' option on the log type - in case you mistakenly log the wrong cache, like I just did when trying it out!
  5. Lulybelle

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    I'm slowly moving over from geobucket. One of the features there that I can't find on cachly is the ability to mark a cache as found or not found without logging it. This combined with a list in order of caches visited that day, as geosphere has, would help keep track on a day with lots of caches visited