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Not able to load live caches

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 Since yesterday, I have not been able to load any live caches in Cachly. When I click on the two circular arrows to load caches, I get the error message 


Data not available for queried users

(see screenshot). 

I have tried all of the obvious fixes: logged out of Cachly and back in again, shut down app, shut down iPhone and restart. 

Last time I had issues, they resolved the next day, but this is persisting. 

If I search for a specific cache using the GC code, it will load. And if I log a cache and save it as a Draft, it uploads successfully to the Groundspeak website, so some bits seem to be working OK. I’ve had to download the Geocaching app again (I deleted it as soon as Cachly was working again last time), so my caching experience is seriously compromised at the moment. 

I’d appreciate any support or suggestions about how to resolve this. 

Many thanks, RubyShoos 



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Thank you @ivans - you’ve provided a partial solution. It does return caches when I turn off ‘Exclude my finds’. Loads of extraneous data but at least I can get some caches up amidst the smileys. 

And I thought it might be @Team DEMP There seem to have been a lot of issues that end recently :-(


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