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Multiple Logs Displayed


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From time to time multiple duplicated reviewer publication and user logs are displayed in offline lists ... this typically involves two or three copies for each log posted, but occasionally I have seen up to five.

Regretfully I have never managed to pin down any specific conditions or situations when this occurs, except that I always download live selections of caches into an offline list and work from these offline lists. When the issue occurs, it affects a specific offline list, i.e. not every list saved before or after. I have several lists currently where either two or three copies of each log is shown and another list where only some of the logs are duplicated (in one example, the reviewer pub log and a CO co-ord correction log are duplicated, but user logs are not duplicated).

Usually multiple/duplicated logs are NOT reduced to the correct one per posting by refreshing the list (indeed this often increases the number of logs displayed), or by rebooting Cachly or by rebooting the iPhone. Then again, sometimes refreshing an individual cache results in the duplicates disappearing ... seems random though.

I have seen this issue from time to time over past (say) couple of years, so appears not to be related to a specific iOS or Cachly version.

Edit: I raised this issue with screen shots back in May 2021 - earlier iOS and Cachly versions involved. Title of earlier post: "Duplicate Logs In Offline Lists After Refreshing List"


Currently my set-up is currently:

iPhone 7 plus using iOS v15.0.2

Cachly v7.0.5

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