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What a great product!

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I just wanted to say what a great product Cachly is! Message forums, reviews, and social media can sometimes turn into a big complaint desk. I mean how many times have you contacted a company to tell them what a great experience you had? I work in IT and hardly anyone, ok no one, calls up to tell me how great the network is today or whatever.

I've posted a few suggestions here and reported a couple of possible bugs since I started using Cachly but my experience overall has been fantastic and the developer responds quickly.  Keep up the good work, looking forward to v2.0!

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I agree Cachly is quite good. 

When replacing a missing cache, I like to Enable it immediately (or in the nearest mosquito free zone). The only app that I knew I could Enable from was the old official app. I kept out even though Groundspeak kept pushing the new inferior app. (Ok, I could always Enable from a mobile browser but that's a pain). Today I replaced a cache and found that I could post an Enable log right from Cachly.  Once I confirmed the cache was enabled I immediately deleted the two official Groundspeak apps from my phone. 

I look forward to 2.0. 

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