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  1. I've noticed a small bug in 5.0.2. I use Project-GC to log my First To Finds. So for it to recognize that, I type {*FTF*} in my log. When I go back and look at my logs in Cachly I only see {FTF} without the asterisks. If I look at the logs from a browser or the official app the asterisks are there. So it seems to be a display issue in Cachly where the * is being stripped out.
  2. Like I said it’s minor and it still works for its intended purpose. Cachly just doesn’t display the asterisk but it uploads properly. I just thought I’d report it in case there was something else going on. Thanks for the explanation and quick reply!
  3. wwbd

    Google Maps in 4.3?

    I used the hybrid Google Maps the most outside of offline maps. You could zoom in closer with those than Apples hybrid. I’ll live but I’m glad they’ll be back in v5. Can the ability to hide maps I’ll never use be added like Ordinance Survey and Thunderforest? It would be nice to get a better terrain map in there too.
  4. wwbd

    FTF bug?

    I love the FTF icon feature. I did notice what might be a bug. In this case the cache was enabled, CO disabled it to fix something and then re-enabled it all before it was found. The List view does not show the FTF label on the icon but the Map view does. Current example is cache GC7BE7G which is still currently unfound. Another example is GC7BNAM. Update: It appears this might have more do do with having corrected coordinates on a Mystery cache. Both of my examples above have corrected coordinates. When I remove them, the FTF comes back on the List view.
  5. wwbd

    FTF bug?

    I definitely don’t have the FTF label on my List View but I do in Map View
  6. wwbd

    Who is using "Logs"?

    As a Geosphere refugee I was just talking about this the other day. I've been using Cachly since January and miss this feature. Can the daily count somehow be added to the Logs section as in the above screenshot? So for March 25 2017 above that's the (13/0/0), which is Finds/DNFs/Notes... Or anywhere? Maybe it's there somewhere in Cachly but I can't find it? I've found it useful when reconciling cache numbers with another cacher that day because sometimes in all the fun one of us ends up logging a cache incorrectly or not at all.
  7. wwbd

    Average a waypoint?

    The other day I updated one of my hides with a new location about 50' from the original. Is there a way to average a waypoint with multiple samples? Sometimes just grabbing coordinates from one sample can be off by quite a bit. This of course would be helpful when placing new hides as well. I ended up using my old caching app to average out the waypoint which just keeps taking samples until you tell it to stop. Maybe I missed this somehow in Cachly?
  8. wwbd

    Average a waypoint?

    Is the ability to average a waypoint still on the todo list? Just wondering...
  9. wwbd

    Weird map refresh issue

    I think all I did was switch from Google Hybrid maps back to offline maps and the map showed all my finds that day as DNFs and Finds. I clicked the circle arrow thing to refresh and they stayed that way. I had to clear the map and search again and they came back correctly.
  10. wwbd

    Weird map refresh issue

    No. I'll try next time I'm out. One more bit I just remembered that has to be relevant... I had just logged a find on a cache that I previously DNFd a while ago. Then I switched maps. So that may be the key.
  11. wwbd

    Log Text keywords

    I like the Log Text feature but it would be nice to have multiple selections to choose from when logging finds. Also, when logging a DNF or anything other than "Found It" the default Log Text should be disabled, or if implemented, give you the option to choose from one of the other multiple selections. People are probably not saying the same things when DNFing a cache vs when Finding it. I also like to put my find count in the Log Text and obviously I don't need that when I'm not finding it and it is in fact adding a find to the counter because I guess Cachly must just see all logs as an addition to the counter. Thanks for the hard work you put into this. I've been using it exclusively since 2.0 came out.
  12. wwbd

    Caches confused after a find

    I was just browsing and saw this topic. I had this happen to me a few times over the weekend and thought I was just fat fingering the icons
  13. I like the new version BTW...however i did run into a problem. I used it this weekend and I was in some areas where I had no cell data signal whatsoever. I was familiar with the location and anticipated that problem. When I used the product Geosphere, I would go ahead and scroll around the area on the map, zoom in and out, etc to cache the map tile data in case I would lose my data signal. That way I wouldn't be stuck without a map. I did the same thing with Cachly but when I lost my signal, the map just turned to a blank grid no matter what zoom level I was at. I was using the Live map vs Offline. Luckily I was with someone who had a signal so we used his map otherwise I would have been dead in the water. I thought the caching of map data was a function of iOS, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Is there some setting I need to change? What's the story here?
  14. wwbd

    Map tile caching problem

    Thanks. It sounds like I just need to change my routine when venturing away from home. Do a search, save offline and make sure I have that states maps downloaded. I live in Cincinnati. That's in Ohio but at the junction of Kentucky and Indiana so it's not unusual for me to be in 3 states on one geocaching run.
  15. wwbd

    Map tile caching problem

    I should have searched the forums first. It looks like I have to go into map layers while in Offline mode and select the state I want and then I can see them in Open Street? Is that right? That's actually better than having to manually load the map data by scrolling around.
  16. I just wanted to say what a great product Cachly is! Message forums, reviews, and social media can sometimes turn into a big complaint desk. I mean how many times have you contacted a company to tell them what a great experience you had? I work in IT and hardly anyone, ok no one, calls up to tell me how great the network is today or whatever. I've posted a few suggestions here and reported a couple of possible bugs since I started using Cachly but my experience overall has been fantastic and the developer responds quickly. Keep up the good work, looking forward to v2.0!
  17. I would like to request the ability to have multiple choices for default Log Text. This would be helpful when doing a power trail when there isn't much to say for a nano on a stop sign or a lampost. Also sometimes when I'm out of town, I like to leave a note in my log where I'm from in addition to my regular log. Maybe one for FTFs. Another for acknowledging a series. Things like that. I've also noticed that the cursor starts at the end of the default text when logging a find. I prefer to put my date/time and find count at the end of my logs. It's just an extra click but a nice convenience if this could be changed to drop the cursor where I tell it to in the default text. Thanks again for all your work on this. I used it exclusively for a cache run this past weekend. I'm looking forward to v2!
  18. wwbd

    Logging trackables

    Oh I see, thanks! I saw that and at the time I thought it was going to delete the trackable from my inventory vs the log. In hindsight I'm not sure why I thought that! I just tested that and I "Visited All" and then swiped and deleted. As I did this I noticed that the first trackable in my list started repeating under the Available heading. It seems like some kind of screen refresh issue might be going on. If I scrolled the list then it mostly corrected itself and if I exited from that screen then the list was correct.
  19. wwbd

    Average a waypoint?

    Yes, that sounds about right. On the Add Waypoint screen. That reminds me, it would also be nice to be able to have the coordinates available in one line somewhere in the waypoint so they can be copied and pasted into a log. That would be helpful in various scenarios like when you find that a coordinate is way off and you want to state an updated coordinate in your log. Similar to how you can copy the coordinate from the Additional Information screen.
  20. wwbd

    Logging trackables

    I used the Visit All function over the weekend and wanted to then not include 3 of them. I saved the log to send later vs sending at that time. I didn't see a way to uncheck the caches I didn't want to visit and ended up fixing it from the geocaching website after I uploaded my logs. Is is possible to deselect a trackable once the option to visit has been selected?
  21. wwbd

    multiple choices for Default Log text

    Great! Thanks for the prompt reply. I guess you know you are starting to get more Geosphere refugees?
  22. wwbd

    Trackable descriptions

    I noticed that the trackable pages only seem to display in plain text vs html. This of course means that photos and formatting is all lost which makes some trackable pages hard to read. Is this a setting somewhere that I can't find?
  23. wwbd

    Trackable descriptions

    sure: https://coord.info/TB641AJ In the official app you can toggle between Text and Web
  24. Hi, I downloaded the app yesterday and was testing it out. So far so good! I was reading through some of the reported issues (in particular the *|find_count|* being off by 1) that will be fixed in v2.0. Is there any estimate for this release?