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Apple Watch 3


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Running IOS 10.3.3 on iPhone 5C. Apple Watch 3 version 3..2.2


Bought cachly today. Clearly states that it has apple watch app. Does not appear on watch at all. Any suggestions. If it doesn't work will be getting a refund.


App works fine on phone but then so does the normal geocaching app. I bought to use on Watch but doesn't work

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Thanks for comments. rragan you are correct that 5c does not go up to iOS 11 i'm at the highest version possible with 10.3.3. However on checking the Apple Store no where does it mention you have to have Apple Watch 4. If this is the case it is a straight mis-selling of the App as all it says is Apple Watch app available.


Will be demanding a refund.


Also cachly needs to update the requirements section to say Version 4 of the watch is required and that to use the Apple Watch iOS 11 is needed 


Oh and Reagan. The App does not show anywhere in the Apple Watch menu. Probably because not version 4.


Well all this was a waste of time. Cachly being deleted and back to the geocaching, com app as without working on my watch it is pointless as the original app does the same.



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Sorry it didn't work out. To the best of my knowledge Apple does not provide a way in the App Store to call out the iOS level required to support the Watch App -- only the minimum level for the App.  The Cachly wiki does call out WatchOS 4 required. It should further clarify that ios11 or greater is required to support the Watch as users do not generally know what level of WatchOS is supported by what iOS level  


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14 minutes ago, frostyrebus said:

That' fine

Have to say I'm really surprised that Apple Watch 3 wasn't included given Version 4 isn't even released in the UK yet

Apple Watch Series 3 is support, even Apple Watch Series 1 is supported. The requirement is for watchOS 4 which requires iOS 11 on your iOS device to install.

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1 minute ago, frostyrebus said:

Oh now you are confusing me.

Quite simply do I need ios11 on my iPhone for Cachly to work Watch 1,2,3 and 4 because it doesn't work on Watch 3 with 10.3.3

i.e. iOS 11 no matter what watch you have

Installing watchOS 4 on any watch requires iOS 11 on your phone. For whatever reason this is a requirement that Apple has.

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