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Idea for multi and puzzle caches



This past weekend I worked on several multi And puzzled caches.  I would read the cache description scroll down to find info on the stage and then once I gathered information on the stage will go to the Cache Note page to store the information for future reference.  Sometimes I would need to switch back to the cache description three further details then I have to re-scroll back down the current stage. This back-and-forth and scrolling got a little tiresome. 

So I have a couple of future suggestions:

1) Have a temporary bookmark of the position in the cache description text. For example if I scroll down bookmark that plosition so that if I leave the description and come back to it it should automatically scroll to that position.   This can be a temporary bookmark that is a raced once I leave the cache detail completely. 

2) An enhancement is to use this bookmark in the cache note section for those devices with 3-D touch. A hard press will display that section of the cache description. Then I could repeatedly view the section of the cast description and make my notes without going back-and-forth. 

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I have recently been thinking about submitting a very similar request for a mode to make it easier to work on field puzzles. The key to improving this would be the ability to quickly flip back and forth between the cache description and cache note without losing position in either. I was thinking this could be applied as an enhancement to the cache note screen that would keep the description loaded in a collapsed panel that could easily be pulled open and closed. On an iPad there should be enough screen real estate to have both the note and description visible at the same time (maybe even larger screen phones).

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7 hours ago, AnyMules said:

The workaround I use for this is to copy the text from the cache descrition and paste it in to the cache note - then I can just edit and add the extra info where I need to without needing to swap back and forth.

I do the same, but this approach falls short when photos are an important part of the puzzle since they can't be added to the cache note.

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