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Caches not working

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Is the GPS showing your current (home) location?

On the Live Map screen, tap the Filter icon that looks like a funnel to open the Search Options. Tap Reset in the top of that screen and then tap done. On the live map screen, make sure it's showing your home location on the map and tap the icon to load caches. 

Any better?

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6 minutes ago, Petwiz said:

No, I do not have a icon funnel on live map. Appears to be radius problem.? 

No funnel. What’s next

Tap on the gear icon that is within the search field (Funnel icon is coming in 4.3). This will show Search Options. Tap the reset button to clear any search options that you might have added which will be filtering out caches.

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1 minute ago, Petwiz said:

It is a bit better.  However, the closest Cache to me is 25 mi away. I do have my home location established. Can not get Caches in or near my location. 

Are you new to Cachly or did this problem just appear? Do you see the current location indicator on the map?

What version are you using?

If you are still having issues, please use the "Email Support" option in the More tab and choose to send debug data. Please do this AFTER you have tried to load caches as I will be able to see what params are being sent to the API. 


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