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Saving drafts (with or without images) locally does not work for me

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Hi everybody,

if I try to save a log draft locally on Cachly, I could not find the log in "Outstanding Geocache logs" (German Ausstehende Geocache-Logs).
Is this a bug in Cachly? I tried to log out of my account and again to log in, but this made no change in this behaviour.

Previously i used Looking4Cache which is not able to send drafts to geocaching.com including images.
The sending of drafts with images works fine if i send the log immediately but not with local storage.

Why do i want to store local drafts?
Because the network on some caches is not ne best and i want to send the logs as draft to geocaching.com later on at home with wifi.
The typing of more detailed logs is much easier on a laptop than a mobile device.

Could anybody help me?

Kind regards,

PS: Cachly on iOS (Version 4.2.1 (1))

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When you are logging a cache, to store the draft log locally, you want Send Log Now disabled (white) and Save as Draft enabled (green). After you submit that local draft log, you should see the More icon at the bottom of the main screen show the number 1 indicating 1 local draft log that needs to be sent to Geocaching.Com

For a bit more detail on the above mentioned options see http://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Log_Cache#Title_Bar

Does that work for you now?

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if I may in German: "Ausstehend Logeinträge" bekommt man, wenn man beim loggen "Logeintrag jetzt senden" deaktiviert. Dann wird der Eintrag mit all seinen Einstellungen lokal gespeichert und kann später modifiziert und zu geocaching.com gesendet werden. Wenn man "Als Entwurf speichern" aktiviert wird aus dem Logeintrag ein "Draft" oder "Entwurf" auf geocaching.com (das waren früher die field notes).

Mir ist klar dass die Bezeichnung nicht sehr klar ist, zumal viele Benutzer bei geocaching.com die Englischen Begriffe nutzen und somit vieles durcheinander geht. Wenn du eine besssere Idee hast melde dich gerne, dann baue ich das in die deutsche Übersetzung ein.

viele Grüße,


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Thanks a lot.

I have done this in exact this way but the badge at "More" and so one was not appearing.
After reinstalling the app on my phone, this works as expected.

In my opinion, the translation is not as bad to need to be changed.

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