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Measure Distance tool

Saved by God's grace


Howdy Nic and all,

I've got another feature request you might want to add to the list I've been thinking about for awhile: a measure distance tool. I've seen this done (quite nicely in fact) in other apps, so I know it's certainly possible. Basically, it would be a simple map "ruler" of sorts: tap a button, and drag your finger to measure the map distance. Bonus points for having it "snap" to cache pins if that finger drag is close enough (again, I've seen this done). It would make planning more complex caching runs so much easier!

Thanks! :-)

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1 hour ago, rragan said:

cachetur.no has a walking mode you can set between caches and switch to driving mode when you take the car to a cache. It factors that into route time calculations. It also factors cache DT into estimating how long you will spend at each cache. 

That's cool--I might have to look into that. Still though, a "ruler" of sorts in Cachly would be awesome...

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