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Convert map to PDF or ideally Paper


The Cachly map is great for deciding where I want to go caching, but in the field I like to have the map on paper. That makes it easy to scribble on, I don't worry unduly if it gets wet, and I don't worry so much in dodgy neighbourhoods. 

So, it would be great if there were a way to save a map as PDF or send it to a printer.

If there's already a way to do this, I apologise.

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I can think of three possibilities:

- A plugin for Chrome named Geoprint. I think it is German and you would need translation. It integrates with geocaching.com so you can add caches to the map from the web page.

- cachetur.no: A new trip planning tool from @Thomfre,  a great Norwegian cacher. Attached is part of a printout generated from it. It does not import GPX's though but as I recall can do bookmark lists and just lists of GCcodes to put in the route. It can do route optimization.

- furkot.com: A non-geocaching trip planning tool that I like because it gives me detailed times to arrive/leave a cache. The only fiddly thing is you need to import the trip from a csv file wtih DD format Lat/Lon and column headings it expects. It can optimize the route and do printing.



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Thanks for your thoughts on this.

I think the solutions you've outlined above are roughly equivalent to my own homebrew solutions, so I'll probably keep using those instead.

I did try one idea of my own though: just taking a screen shot on the iPad and printing that. It is much closer to what I was hoping for, in that it's a very quick and easy way to get a paper copy of the caches.

One feature would be useful though: a way to see the GC codes of the caches on the screen. I think this is particularly useful on a big iPad where there's enough screen space for it not to clutter things up at sensible zoom levels. I suspect such labels would be more generally useful, especially if they were optional. A nice implementation might hide them when the cache density gets too high. Is this something which you think is in the spirit of the app, and if so should I start a new feature request thread ?

Thanks again for the app.


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