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It's not an algorithm so much as a user-curated DB of the false ones plus ones that are Challenges but lack the word in the name. Still icon type plus word would produce relatively few positives. I know I can do a filter but then I can't see other ones of interest along my route. Multiple color highlights plus multiple lists viewable at once would take care of this need for me in Map View.

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As it stands, you have to filter them on "challenge" in the title possibly picking up false positives. Then highlight the filtered results and return to Map View where you can now see them in context with your route planning. Of course, if you were using highlighting for some other purpose, you will now be uncertain. There is no definitive way to know short of looking at the listing but well into the high 90% mystery with challenge in the title are really challenges and I don't think reviewers will let a new mystery publish that has challenge in the title and is not a Challenge cache.

An FTF marker may sometimes lie to if the finder has not yet logged it.

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