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1 minute ago, CoakleyClan said:

Adding I thought I had when this was requested recently on the FB group. Could this perhaps be implemented with a vibration pattern/haptic feedback option? I generally keep my phone in my pocket while walking to the next cache, and it'd be cool to get the notification without making a sound. 

Yes, this is something that has long been on my to-do list. Just need to get it scheduled into a release. :)

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I'll interject my two cents in here if I may: it would be *AWESOME* to have a "sonar" feature option like I've heard some of the Android caching apps have. Basically, once you get within say 30 meters, you start hearing a pinging, slowly at first, and with increasing speed as you approach the cache. It would be a killer function for power trails (especially on a bike), and all-around pretty sweet to use for "everyday caching" imho. True, its basically the opposite of what @coakleyclan suggested, but I personally would utilize both features depending on what I'm doing.  @Nic Hubbard, any chance we could get that added too?:D

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