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  1. CoakleyClan

    Close to Cache signal

    Brilliant. Looking forward to it.
  2. CoakleyClan

    Confirmation for deletion of Pending Log

    Hi Nic, That's great to hear. Thank you.
  3. CoakleyClan

    Close to Cache signal

    Adding I thought I had when this was requested recently on the FB group. Could this perhaps be implemented with a vibration pattern/haptic feedback option? I generally keep my phone in my pocket while walking to the next cache, and it'd be cool to get the notification without making a sound.
  4. I use the Pending Logs feature extensively. In fact, it's my primary method of logging caches, as I very rarely log caches in the field. As some time can elapse between creating the pending log and actually logging the find (ahem), I use the Options button to bring up the View Cache option, so that I can see which cache it is that I'm logging. Generally, I zoom into the map for the cache so that I can see where it was in the town or on the trail, and that gives me the memory jog needed to type my log of the find. In this workflow, I have had a few occasions where I've tapped Delete instead of Options - and with that, the pending log is gone. I then have to try to reconstruct my caching day based on the entries before and after that log. It would be great to have a confirmation dialog pop up for the Delete option, rather than the delete triggering immediately, and without recourse. If there's a way to undo the deletion (shake to undo?), I'd be happy to hear it. This request may also apply to the Delete All Pending Logs option, but I've not been brave (or thick-thumbed) enough to tap that one. I have no doubts that there are probably thousands of users that wouldn't want the extra step. If so, could it perhaps be added as an option in the Settings menu? Thanks! Andrew
  5. CoakleyClan

    Caches confused after a find

    Hi Nic, I created an account here just to confirm what ShammyLevva has said. I've noticed that this behaviour is occurring when saving logs - not when sending them straight away. I've not found any common variables in my experience that leads to the bug, only that it happens after I've saved a few caches for that day in a row, i.e. it doesn't occur after the first one. Perhaps if you log a few caches (saving, not sending) in a row in the same area, you'll be able to trigger the bug? Andrew