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  1. I'm not certain but I think the limit was 100 bookmark lists. It also used to be the case that the number of caches in a bookmark list was limited to 500. That may have been increased to 1000 to be in concert with PQ size limit. It seems like one would end up with unexpected behaviors if Cachly's unlimited lists were mapped to limited GC bookmark lists.
  2. Project-GC has this. It is called the Lower Wilson Score. https://project-gc.com/Statistics/TopFavWilson
  3. Geocaching.com limits the number of bookmark lists. Offline lists are not limited. Bookmark lists could not store all the content an offline list can. If you upload your offline lists to Dropbox periodically, you can get to them in lots of ways. It would be cool if Cachly could auto upload a changed offline list to Dropbox periodically but that would just be a nicety.
  4. c:geo does not use the API. It scrapes the website. With the API, I think the best one can hope for is the most recent n logs filtered by your friend list. I think this would be valuable despite the inherent limitation.
  5. Just email it directly to support@cach.ly with a note about which issue it is for.
  6. If it is on multiple lists, it will still be in the DB. Geosphere would show Remove as the action if it were part of some other list and Delete if it truly was gone. This was handy knowledge. A GS search for a cache by gccode when online or offline would first consult the whole DB and see if it was local and return that result if found. Thus a deleted cache in an offline list could often be recovered. I'm hoping that once you have the full DB searchable, conveniences like these are offered.
  7. After a few weeks of using Cachly in offline maps no data mode, it feels like the battery lasts longer than comparable usage with Geosphere. Nothing quantitive but just a gut feel.
  8. Exactly right. You pickup where you left off.
  9. Geosphere Set As Target (target concept described in a different thread) mostly does this. The only difference from what you describe is that pressing the action on the description page triggers Navigation and vice-versa navigating sets it as target. I'd rather it just set it as target but did not immediately navigate. Once the target is set, it is colored red in Map view even if you switch lists to one not containing it or go to Live view
  10. This will become largely a moot point for me when/if Cachly makes coordinates in text anywhere into a pressable hot link with options of navigate to, create location, set as Corrected coordinate, and Copy. Then I will rarely need to paste text into the Direct Input field
  11. I'm guessing about how it has done but if I make a log in Geosphere, it keeps my log text in the DB and shows it along with all the other cache info. Later I can quickly see my log without scrolling back through all the subsequent logs. If there have been a lot of logs, even scrolling back might not reveal it. Very handy.
  12. How about moving Direct Input up to just below Is Corrected Coordinate to group the coordinate number setting stuff adjacent?
  13. Geosphere had log export and import. I only used them for syncing my log history to the stay-at-home device. Cachly removes the need for this by pulling logs from the server.
  14. It took renting a car in England which had license plate GC17HSJ to spot this one. Given that license plate, I really had to look it up. http://coords.info returned an answer but Cachly said no such cache. I finally spotted the difference. coord.info/GC17HSJ is being mapped to GC17H5J since S is one of L O U I S letters not used in GC codes. I wonder if Cachly should make a similar mapping? A minor issue but might help with transcription errors.
  15. I sometimes use Logs when someone asks me about a cache and I know I found it recently. Then I can pop up it up and refresh my memory about it. Lack of cache title makes it harder to spot it though. There are other ways to find it but it is sometimes faster to scroll back in logs than type in the GC code.
  16. Thinking more on averaging, would cycling low resolution back to high over and over make ios retake the location? That would beat manually taking multiple samples.
  17. So an iOS averaging feature would look more like collecting multiple location markings with leave/reapproach cycles and then average that set of readings.
  18. Averaging in Geosphere never gave me any number but the original one displayed no matter how many samples. If I walked away and came back it would change some. Averaging multiple samples taken between walk away and come back might be better. It's almost like once the phone has coords and you are not moving it never bothers to try and see if they have changed. Unlike a GPSr.
  19. There are two changes that might help this. One is to allow user-defined caches which are really richer locations and could belong to an offline list. This would get it on your offline map. I asked Nic to put such a feature on the list The other is a different approach which I would find useful Geosphere has the concept of Target which is the last Cache you navigated to or explicitly set as target. Even if you switch offline lists the target cache is visible in the map of that list. You can also shift the map to show the target much as you show current position. Presumably, this could work with locations too
  20. Tap More... tab -> Saved Locations and pick one
  21. Currently the protocol accepts a gccode only. Extend it to accept lat= and long= as well. Use gccode if supplied If not, then use lat/long and drop a location pin at the designated spot. This gives better integration with non-geocaching apps that only have coordinates.
  22. If you upgrade to iOS 11, Geosphere will no longer launch. Prepare for lots of new Cachly users.
  23. Giving your phone a series of rapid back and forth and circular motions helps mine. It's essentially a compass calibration process.
  24. I've seen this in iOS 10. Most often it happens when I als create a new list on the steps of the import.
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