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    Crash iOS 13 each time I click sur "Images"

    On my new iPhone 11 (not "pro"), each time - I visit a cache - I click "Images" the app crashes instantly.
  2. Langue de chat

    Include "Date-time of last successful cache retrieval"

    Indeed. Groundspeak keeps an accurate date and time of the (three) last retrievals. For instance, on Saturday, if you download the 1st at 8:00am, the 2nd at 10:30am and the 3rd at 11:45am, then you have to wait until Sunday 8am to download one next cache, then you're blocked until 10:30am for the next etc...
  3. Hello again, this time I don't think the feature is in - and that could help a lot people who choose to use Geocaching as regular members. Often, I reach quickly the 3-caches-insanely-low-limit-enforced-by-Groundspeak. The problem is the next day, I'd like to know when was the last successful retrieval so that I know at what time I might download the next ones. (Ideally, that would preferably be the datetime of the 1st of the 3 last successful retrievals, since from that time I can download again at least one - but programmatically that's more challenging), Not so easy to keep track of the downloads... Thank you!
  4. Langue de chat

    Regular member "3 caches" limit, caching the already seen 1-3 caches

    Oh well, the forum is right: I'm a newbie! Thanks for the great support, Nicholas!
  5. Langue de chat

    Regular member "3 caches" limit, caching the already seen 1-3 caches

    Ooops it seems the caching actually works! Yesterday was my first Cachly day, I probably made a confusion between two caches. Cachly is even greater than I thought :-) Sorry for the trouble. --- Since I'm here there is something I find annoying - but that could be only me... When refreshing the Caches on the map (the rounded arrow), the map is zoomed out. I find this inconvenient, because then have to zoom in again where I was before the refresh while actually, I just wanted the area to be refreshed.
  6. Great appli, well programmed! The 3-caches limit for the regular members (people not paying the yearly Groundspeak fees) is insanely low, and there is nothing you can do about that. However, it is not normal behavior to count the same cache twice if it's visited twice within the last 24 hours. Viewing full description of cache X 15 minutes later, going back to view cache X counts it again! (and could be blocked if 3 caches have been seen in total) Of course Groundspeak could implement that easily ("if cache X was part of the visited ones in the last 24h, don't count it again"), but that's unlikely (I've been a GC for many years, and it seems GS is becoming more and more money oriented). Cachly could simply cache (the computer science term) the last full description of a number of caches, or the caches seen within the last 24 h. Thus Cachly wouldn't have to do a request to the server when a description has already been downloaded recently.