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  1. When a user has added better coords to their log, Cachly adds an option to the ellipses menu to copy the coords.  Would be great if could easily use them to navigate — maybe an option to navigate to those coords, and/or ability to create a waypoint from them.  Currently I manually transcribe them to a waypoint and navigate to that.

  2. 3 hours ago, Nic Hubbard said:

    I have been talking with a user from Australia who has been testing this, and from his testing turning off the "Log Date Correction" option in Cachly and just logging the date normally with make dates work correctly. It seems that Groundspeak fixed things on their end and the date correction is no longer needed.

    I'm in New Zealand and my Cachly logs now default to the correct day, instead of lagging a day if submitted before 19:00 (Cachly date correction is turned off).

    Feels like GS is going in the wrong direction by removing what little timezone support (UTC) they did have.

    Be interesting to see if they handle finds around midnight now and during daylight savings correctly.

  3. The last month I've noticed PQs sometimes timeout before they've completed downloading… though today's batch has been fine.  And the actual download speed has been about the same.  Nothing else to report despite regular usage.

  4. If Cachly had a shared database then if you logged in as a different user you'd see somebody else's data, which seems wrong.

    I'm guessing Groundspeak won't let you access an internal ID which doesn't change?

    So I think the existing behaviour is correct.

    If there's no data when starting the app, you could display a dialog saying data needs to be downloaded, including if you've renamed your username? 

  5. For the last few weeks on my phone — not my iPad — some of my DNFs have been appearing as ticks.

    This is on the Live map, though the Offline maps are having troubles with them too.

    I've tried deleting, and rebuilding, the DNF database.

    I don't have any pending geocache logs.

    If I had to guess, I would say Cachly has somehow remembered me saving a draft DNF for those caches, and is now displaying them as a tick instead.

  6. Make sure Cachly is left open and showing a navigation screen — as Nic says, to save battery it only updates the location while navigating.

    If you start navigating a few kms from the cache while still in the car, you should be pretty ready to go —seconds rather than minutes from my experience.

    But at least with the current technology, a dedicated GPSr unit will always beat a phone — particularly if the GPS conditions aren't ideal (like being inside a metal container!)

  7. On 28/03/2017 at 11:26 AM, .jpeg said:

    Also the red “as the crow flies” line between your location and the target. I wish there was a way to turn them off because they are only useful if you are a crow. (joke)

    Welcome to Cachly B)

    Having a line linking your position and the destination makes sense to me, and I've seen it used in other (non-caching) navigation apps.

    You can always just back out to the main map screen and do your own navigation from there.

  8. 3 hours ago, Buckshot/MamaLlama said:

    I have had trouble with the "/" before on a stats ranking page once before several years ago.  I also just noticed that I am having trouble with Project-GC with importing my stats to my profile.  That had not been a problem before.  I am wondering if the "/" is now causing all of these issues.

    GC.com is surprisingly permissive in what they allow in usernames.

    You'll notice a slash is used to delimit parts of a URL, and it also underpins iOS.  While programs should 'escape' the slash so it doesn't cause problems, you may well find issues in the real world because that isn't the case.

    A hyphen would be a safer option.

  9. I always have a number of caches I'm collecting clues for — e.g. photograph a signboard at a particular spot.

    When visiting an area or planning a trip, it would be really handy to see all these pending spots on the map.

    Not sure exactly how this would work or locations be stored… maybe a waypoint name with a special prefix, then Cachly has option to display all those waypoints.