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  1. barefootguru

    Remember state when quitting

    Normally it's iOS doing it, that was a test case. Good to hear it's on the list
  2. barefootguru

    Remember state when quitting

    Hi, currently when iOS quits Cachly, I lose what I've been looking at. e.g. go into an offline list, look at the caches on the map, then double-click the home button and swipe Cachly up. When relaunching Cachly, it will show the Live view and it's forgotten what list I was looking at. My feature request is Cachly remember what I was doing
  3. barefootguru

    Open cache in Safari by default

    Wow, thanks Nic!
  4. barefootguru

    Date/Time Logging issue

    Happy that it will be an option so I can stick with the current behaviour Then I can carry on seeing the date lag a day, but know the data's correct. And sticking with the default — and popular — behaviour means better chance of GS respecting the data if they ever fix the issue.
  5. barefootguru

    Date/Time Logging issue

    I investigated this a few months ago: By downloading a GPX file of my finds, I could see both Cachly and the official app end up with the correct timestamp in the logs, represented as 'Z'ulu (UTC) time. Finds logged through the website are also stored as Zulu time, but the time portion is always noon PST/PDT, so 2016-02-07T20:00:00Z / 2016-06-22T19:00:00Z So given Cachly's current setup is correctly recording the time, I'm reluctant to see it changed…
  6. barefootguru

    Dot against offline list

    I give in… what does the green dot next to an Offline list signify? (Couldn't find in help)
  7. barefootguru

    Map tile caching problem

    That sounds like a painful and unreliable way to get a map for offline use! I think you've got it, there's 2 steps: 1. you tell Cachly to download (& save) the OSM map. You only need to do this step once, and thanks to being a vector map you can download an entire state/country. 2. you can then switch to & from that offline map just like any other map. I usually leave the offline map selected: it's faster and saves data if I'm on cellular. I occasionally switch if I want to check satellite pics or see if another provider has better topography — if I have an Internet connection of course.
  8. barefootguru

    Dot against offline list

    Thanks, but there's a smaller green dot between the list name and arrow.
  9. barefootguru

    Date/Time Logging issue

    Same in New Zealand, it's always been like that. The Groundspeak database stores log entries from Cachly in UTC (GMT). I'm pretty sure Cachly is converting that back to local time when displaying the log (Nic?). The issue is that Geocaching.com just displays the raw entry, so for this far east it's usually the previous day.
  10. barefootguru

    Default view of cache description

    Would Cachly be able to remember what view of a cache description I last used (Text/Web/Source), and default to that next time (across all caches)?
  11. barefootguru

    2.0 is just amazing!

    My favourite feature is vector maps — have downloaded the entirety of New Zealand for the same size as a suburb before :] It looks great, thanks for the hard work and dialogue Nic.
  12. barefootguru

    Turn GPS On/Off

    Wha? That's exactly what the little arrow to the left of the battery indicator shows. And as Nic says, if you delve into Settings you can see exactly what has been using your location.
  13. barefootguru

    Turn GPS On/Off

    iOS does gather the location from multiple sources, but that's transparent to the user (and I think the app). While Nic says exit the app, just pushing the home button or switching to another app has the same effect (or locking screen as stated) and also turns off GPS. You can also confirm this in Privacy settings — the only options for Cachly are Never and While Using.
  14. barefootguru

    Cachly icon on lock screen

    Thanks guys. Apparently controlled by the obscure Location-Based Alerts setting in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. https://support.apple.com/en-nz/HT207056
  15. barefootguru

    Cachly icon on lock screen

    Hi, occasionally a map pin icon is displayed on the lower left of my phone lock screen. Sliding it up shows the Cachly start screen. What's it for please?
  16. barefootguru

    Log type inconsistency for events

    If I log an event through the main cache screen, the log types are related to the event: Attended, etc., as expected. But once attended, the cache screen shows as Found, not Attended. And if I save the log and submit later, the log types are the normal Found, etc. options.
  17. barefootguru

    Using Saved Locations

    Hi, I'm not seeing the use of Saved Locations (long press on map), or any help on how to use them once created? I thought they might appear on the normal Caches map view… nope. Or you could select the saved location and jump to it, thereby seeing caches around it… nope. I guess my q is: have I missed something? When would you normally use them?
  18. barefootguru

    Copy a log entry

    Sometimes when I'm working a hard cache, I track any particularly helpful log entries into iOS Notes. Would be useful if I could tap & hold on a log entry to copy it.
  19. barefootguru

    Off-line Expectations

    In the syncing world, 'the truth' means the master copy of the data. So for caching that's the GS database — not your phone or any other software you run. I don't understand how you could hold the truth on caches — the GS database is constantly changing from around the world.
  20. barefootguru

    What can you do with friends

    So I sold Cachly on someone new today They were frustrated with the official website/app making viewing corrected coordinates hard/impossible. I've added them as a Cachly friend, and can see total number of their favourites, etc. There's links to contact them and see their bookmarks. Cachly friends seem pretty limited… you can't view their recent finds, etc.? Not high on my list, mostly checking I haven't missed something (checked the help).
  21. barefootguru

    What can you do with friends

    Haha, nice, thanks Nic!
  22. barefootguru

    Copy a log entry

    Nope, do I need to wait for V2? iPhone SE and iPad Air 2, both on iOS 9.3.5 (but not for long). (It's so nice having a forum where you can just upload pics!)
  23. barefootguru

    Copy a log entry

    Thanks, but not seeing … Caches screen > tap on cache > tap on bubble > select Logs.
  24. barefootguru

    multiple choices for Default Log text

    It's cheap and you're doing a stunning job, here's one user who would be happy to pay. Spreading the word at the mo
  25. barefootguru

    Search in help should be more discerning

    Was pleased to find a search capability in help But looks like it searches within words too? e.g. searching for 'pin' brings up pages like Additional Information, presumably because it has the letters 'pin' inside 'tapping'. Would make more sense to search from beginning of words?