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  1. TonNat

    Close to cache

    Thanks. Will be a handy feature
  2. TonNat

    Close to cache

    Hi is there an option to set the app to beep/make a noise when approaching gz? thanks
  3. TonNat

    Problems using the compass

    Thanks for the response, I will try uninstalling and readding the app etc and see if this works
  4. TonNat

    Problems using the compass

    No only this one. I thought I'm the app must be conflicting with something else on my phone but we both have most of the same apps.
  5. TonNat

    Problems using the compass

    I am using an IPhone 6. It is version 2.0.3 (4). it is a frequent issue I have. We are generally ok as use my wife's phone but when I am out alone I have to use a different app unless I know where I am going.
  6. TonNat

    Problems using the compass

    Hi Aplogies if this has been queried before it is my first post. I have searched down the recent posts. My wife and I use Cachly on iPhone. When navigating to a cache using the compass mode I frequently find my compass does not spin /move as I am moving. It does count down as I get closer to GZ but does not navigate me in the right direction. My wife's phone only does it very occasionally and if coming out of the compass and going back in it generally resolves it but mine is more more temperamental. I end up having to use a different app to navigate to GZ but would rather use Cachly. Thanks Tony