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    GPS not working when phone has No Service

    Around my home location (Northern NJ) it's hard not to have service anywhere. When I was traveling in Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico for 2 weeks the 2nd half of June, I experienced extended periods of no cell service and didn't have an issue whenever using Cachly. Do these users experience the same behavior if they put their phone in airplane mode?
  2. Team DEMP

    I Phone Compass Calibration

    You say this because the hundreds of thousands or millions of finds by iPhone users didn't really happen? What did you really mean to say here?
  3. Team DEMP

    Ability to submit logs for friends on team

    This might be a viable trick to consider. Log the caches with Send Log Now off and Save as Draft on. This will allow you to log everything local stored on your iPhone within Cachly. When done for the day, Cachly with show the number of logs in Pending Geocache Logs and when selected, you can export a txt file to your email. Send that txt file to the others to load as drafts on the geocaching site and they can modify the comments or submit the same logs.
  4. Team DEMP

    Ability to submit logs for friends on team

    Please review http://www.cach.ly/support/index.php?/topic/652-multiple-logs-for-you-and-your-friends/ for a similar request.
  5. Team DEMP

    Lab caches

    Project-GC somehow knows about Lab Caches as it's reporting in the stats and they show individual ones. I don't know if they receive through the formal API or some behind the scenes integration with the geocaching.com backend.
  6. Team DEMP

    I Phone Compass Calibration

    I have an iPhone 6 and a Garmin Oregon 700. When I carry them side by side, they are within a foot or two of each other. Tree cover at the time you are looking for it, tree cover at the time the cache was originally placed, how well the individual placing the cache took a careful set of readings, sunspots, signal bounce with high buildings or high cliffs, etc will all determine the location when placed and now. The GPS is supposed to get you to the spot, not standing on top of it. Once you get to the spot, put your phone away and use your eyes and noggin to find the cache.
  7. Team DEMP

    question about Apple vs Android apps

    Were you using the c:geo app on Android? If so, that is not an official app and they circumvent the restrictions that official apps need to abide by. What you see in Cachly is what you'd see in the official geocaching app for caches. A basic membership is unfortunately very limited when it comes to the app - traditional caches only with a difficulty/terrain of 1.5/1.5 or lower. In addition, the absurd limit of detail on 3 caches per day as you ran into.You'd see the same thing with the official (and free) geocaching app on android or iphone. It's limited by Groundspeak/Geocaching and not Cachly. As for full access, you can continue to use Android/c:geo or get a premium membership which runs $30/year. c:geo breaks from time to time as it is tied to the web pages on the site and not the official API, so that app needs to constantly adjust as the geocaching site changes. Again - it's not Cachly creating these limits any of this but Groundspeak/Geocaching.
  8. Team DEMP

    Beginner - search at your current location

    I'd start with a guess there is a filter applied that is limiting the search. On the main cachly screen that is displayed when you launch, to the right of the field near the type that shows "Location, GC Codes, coordinates" is a small circle with a gear icon. When you click that, it shows your search options/filters. You can go through that and see if there's anything set you want to adjust or click "Reset" in the top left and go back to the defaults which should display all caches.
  9. Team DEMP

    Pending Logs

    I've not had any issue with bulk uploading of drafts from Cachly to the Geocaching website. I don't think I've had more then 20 to upload in a given session but they worked perfectly. What I did notice is when going to the latest drafts page, it now lazy loads the caches so not all are displayed and I have momentarily freaked out until I realized they made this change. If you haven't already, you should double check that they really aren't there and not that the UI isn't holding them from you. The left nav on the website should also show the number of pending drafts. I also changed the website's default sort order on drafts to oldest first so I log in the order I found them. The default was newest first for me.
  10. Team DEMP

    Caching in my area

    Geocaching.com provides an official app and it's free. Cachly is a 3rd party application that costs $4.99 and for those of us that use it, we find it far superior to the free app. In order to get the most from either application, you need to have the Premium subscription on geocaching.com and that costs $30/year. If you haven't purchased the premium membership you will be limited by what you do in either app because geocaching.com limits your visibility to caches. Do you have the premium subscription yet? Have you found any caches yet?
  11. Team DEMP

    Caching in my area

    First off, welcome to Geocaching and to the Cachly forums. Cachly is an iPhone application that would provide you a terrific experience when caching. What Cachly would display as available caches is the same as you would see when using the official Geocaching application. I tried looking up your cache name on the site to see if you were a basic (free) or premium (paid) geocaching.com member but didn't find a match. The reason that is relevant is that the company that runs geocaching.com and provides the data that Cachly can show you, limits the caches based on the membership type (basic or premium). If you are premium, you have nearly unlimited access to all caches. If you are basic, the official iPhone app and Cachly would limit you to seeing live only caches with a difficulty and terrain rating of 1.5 or less. There are work arounds to get around some of the geocaching.com limitations, but no need to go into that for now. You can of see all the caches in your area (Maryland) by going to https://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx?lat=39.44371&lng=-77.54471&asq=QD0zOS40NDM3MSwtNzcuNTQ0NzEmb3JpZ2luPU1pZGRsZXRvd24sIE1hcnlsYW5kJm90PTMmZz0zMDk0NzkmcmFkaXVzPTEwbWk=#?ll=39.44468,-77.54322&z=11 . I'm not 100% sure if you'll see *all* caches or just the 1.5/1.5 Difficulty/Terrain caches if you are a basic member. I can't recall if the map filters out the higher difficulty/terrain caches. If it doesn't, this link https://www.geocaching.com/play/search/@39.44371,-77.54471?origin=Middletown,+Maryland&ot=3&g=309479&t=1-1.5&d=1-1.5 might bring them up and click the Map these Geocaches button on the page to display in a map format. This link would show you the caches with a Difficulty/Terrain (D/t) of 1.5/1.5 or less and have a few favorite points which means other cachers have frequently liked these - https://www.geocaching.com/play/search/@39.44371,-77.54471?origin=Middletown,+Maryland&ot=3&g=309479&t=1-1.5&d=1-1.5&fav=10&e=1
  12. Team DEMP

    New Caches at an Event without a GPX file

    Ah - I misread the initial post. In events I've gone to, you can hand your GPS to someone who loads the caches via their laptop. I doctored up an existing GPX I downloaded from geocaching.com and changed the code and guid and it loaded fine in cachly. Of course I didn't log it and I'm not sure it would work without downloading the active cache as you need a valid cache id which is different from a GC code. So it seems useful to map them but you couldn't log them without a valid GC code and cache id, at least as fire as I can tell.
  13. Team DEMP

    New Caches at an Event without a GPX file

    What's the garmin file that is provided - a GPX I imagine? If so, that GPX can be loaded into Cachly. You'd need the GPX file with the caches emailed to (or possibly available someplace online). With the GPX file attached to an email you can open on your phone, go to the email and view the GPX from the mail. Your phone should display it with the typical iPhone share icon present. Click the Share icon and it should show one of the options to be Copy to Cachly. Select that and it will launch Cachly and start the Import GPX process. I'm sure there are others but since the Garmin is probably getting a GPX, that same source file should work with Cachly. You can test this by sending any GPX file you have to yourself via email and going through the steps.
  14. Team DEMP

    Corrected Coordinates

    There's a functioning macro on the GSAK site that should properly update the geocaching website with the GSAK approach to corrected coordinates. Apparently in the past, the geocaching website/API didn't function properly in this area but it seems to be fine now and is the preferred approach, at least to accomplish what the original poster was looking for. In the original poster's case, the geocaching site wasn't updated so it was refreshing with the original coords. It seems the original poster would like the updated coords when refreshed which would be accomplished with the GSAK macro. See http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=32407&st=0&#entry243426 on the Gsak site.
  15. Team DEMP

    Offline List and Safari

    I see it on my phone even if I go into airplane mode. Maybe you are doing what is posted here - http://www.cach.ly/support/index.php?/topic/568-pocket-queries-missing-view-on-geacaching-site/#comment-2809 ?
  16. Team DEMP

    Offline List and Safari

    Whether a cache is viewed from the Live view our Offline List view, once a cache is selected you can click the ... In the upper right corner and select View on Geocaching.com. You must first select the cache in offline view.
  17. Team DEMP

    How to Upload pictures

    @Stewj - This is a limitation on the API for drafts. You can upload multiple images if you don't first save as a draft. @Nic Hubbard - If I recall, you wanted to display a warning message when trying to attach multiple images in Draft mode. I've never seen the warning including the latest beta which I just double checked.
  18. Team DEMP

    Beware of the fake

    I didn't quickly find a way to report this to Apple.
  19. Team DEMP

    Edit logs in app

    The logging behavior you are looking for is the reason I switched all logging to local Cachly phone drafts and then uploaded as drafts (aka field notes) to the web site. It allows me to edit locally until I upload and then look at the logs on a real computer before I submit them. I was making too many typos and not writing out everything I wanted from my phone and this approach addressed that. Even if I have a full cell signal I still log it locally as a draft and submit it after I'm back home as a draft to the geocaching site.
  20. Team DEMP

    Edit logs in app

    You can edit your log if you are using drafts that are saved within Cachly vs uploaded to Geocaching.com. You go to Settings /Pending Geocache Logs to edit them. If you uploaded them to Geocaching.com, you need to go to the website. I don't think the API interface that Geocaching.com provides developers like Cachly supports updating an uploaded or logged cache.
  21. Team DEMP

    Header Indicator Not Pointing in Correct Direction

    The indicator seemed to work fine for me on my iPhone 6 / iOS 10.3 phone today as long as I was moving in a direction. Standing still or just starting out moving, I expect the phone isn't sure yet or reporting back to the apps a valid direction. After moving a direction for 30 feet, the direction seems to be correct. That's my experience with the direction indicator.
  22. Team DEMP

    App icon badge count options?

    My preference would be leave what is there today in the number shown in the bottom icon. Maybe if you go into Settings / Pending Geocache Logs, there's a count at the top of Found, Not Found, Note, NA, NM, etc.
  23. Team DEMP

    Waypoint creation from dropped pin

    I just experienced what Beth reported. Pin drop coordinates are being set to the cache coordinates when added as a waypoint to a cache. The workflow is right but the Add Waypoint screen just needs to pre-populate with the pin coords when coming from the drop pin flow.
  24. Team DEMP

    Bulk Submission of Blank Drafts

    I always jot down some notes and had never sent a blank draft log. Can you log a cache with no log text? Yes, I know if you had a blank draft you're not submitting it as your log yet but just wondering.
  25. Team DEMP

    Update Offline Lists

    The reason I first looked at Cachly was the poor corrected coordinate support of the official app. I never understood why the official app showed caches at the original coordinates. The latest official app update earlier this week corrected that but there's no turning back for me - Cachly is my app of choice!