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    Needs Maintenance

    I seem to find more instances, in my caching areas, where the NM indicator is not accurate. Some COs don't always reset or if the CO isn't active but the wet log that generated the NM was replaced, the NM remains for months/years.
  2. Team DEMP

    Import GPX file

    We'll have to wait for Nic to chime in. I don't know what might be cause the spinning on import.
  3. Team DEMP

    Import GPX file

    I watched the video and I see where it's not working - sorry for not checking before I posted. Is that an existing list you are loading into? Can you try a new list, which is what I did and worked for me. Just as a test.
  4. Team DEMP

    Import GPX file

    In Safari it is even easier/less steps and it worked for me. I opened https://www.dropbox.com/s/42k9u1acr92reh3/gcunicorn_2020-06-25_11-02-21.gpx?dl=0 in Safari and most of the same steps take place. It is a little different after the Download step as I need to click the Download link at the top to the right of the URL bar. That opens a Downloads dialog and clicking that, for me, opens Cachly at the Import GPX screen. Do you get this screen/dialog and what happens when you press on the downloaded file?
  5. Team DEMP

    Import GPX file

    Everyone's system is a little different depending on what apps are installed, etc so I'll try and walk you through me processing the link you said. It might not be 100% the same for you but maybe close enough. I have Dropbox installed on my phone but I didn't us it as part of the steps. I long press the link to https://www.dropbox.com/s/42k9u1acr92reh3/gcunicorn_2020-06-25_11-02-21.gpx?dl=0 and open in a new tab in my browser (Chrome). I select continue to the web site vs install/use the dropbox app. That presents a browser screen with a Download link that I click and select Direct Download (vs Save to my Dropbox). I get a small option at the bottom of that browser screen and press Download again, I get another small option at the bottom of that browser screen with two options. One lists your file name and Open in... and the other option, for me, was for Google Drive. I select Open in... My phone opens a familiar window when you typically do a Share on the phone. Here again depending on what you have installed, Cachly might be in different places. I don't have anything for Cachly if I scroll down the options on that window, and I don't show anything for Cachly when I scroll across the listed app icons, so at the end of the app icon list I select the icon with three dots labeled More. The more screen brings up a long list that will depend on what you have installed. For me, I scroll way down the list and I see Copy to Cachly there. When I tap Copy to Cachly, it launches Cachly and goes to the Import GPX screen in Cachly Not sure if you needs steps from here but I'll include them. I tao Choose Offline List at the top of the Cachly Import GPX screen Select an existing list or press the + in the top right of the Cachly screen to create a new list which you then need to select After selecting a list, adjust any other options and then tap Import in the top right of the Cachly Import GPX screen Tap the Lists icon at the bottom and re-select your list and you should see the caches If the above doesn't work, which step in the process are you not able to match against something on your phone?
  6. You can set this as the default. Tap More at the bottom of the main screen. Tap Settings and then scroll to the section with the heading Log Defaults. Toggle the option for Send Log Now so it shows as the screenshot here. That will set the default to what you want when you tell Cachly to log a cache.
  7. Team DEMP

    Camera part of scanning trackables not working

    Hmmm - when I click the scan icon I get a screen without a green Cachly Scan header at the top like you posted. If you look at https://www.cach.ly/help/index.php/Main_Page#Scanning_a_trackable that is what I see after pressing the scan icon by the arrow. It has no header and looks more like the screen you'd see when launching the camera app. Maybe someone else is able to suggest what is going on.
  8. Team DEMP

    Camera part of scanning trackables not working

    If you press the Trackables link on the bottom of the main screen, you'll see a screen in the app that should look like the one in this screen snippet. What happens when you press the scan icon the arrow is pointing to? That should open up a new screen that looks like you camera app with a darker bar across the middle.
  9. Team DEMP

    Error v7 when trying to add friend

    See if this post helps - https://medium.com/@cachly/friends-return-to-cachly-how-to-setup-c83cd8c7cf7f This is due not to Cachly but what is or isn't allowed by your friends on Geoaching.com . The above article should explain what they need to do.
  10. Team DEMP

    Support for profile links

    Not that it matters to cachly but the official app doesn’t convert the markdown either on the logs you shared. This might be useful info if something unexpected is being returned that just can’t be seen. Nic will figure it out.
  11. Team DEMP

    Incomplete „Friends Log“

    Check with those friends you aren’t seeing and see if they have allowed the 3rd party apps access to their info. They need to go to https://www.geocaching.com/account/settings/authorizations and at the bottom check the box. I’d they don’t check the box, cachly can’t display them to you.
  12. Team DEMP

    Support for profile links

    It would be helpful for the developer if you provided some GC codes to the caches with logs that contain the above examples.
  13. Team DEMP

    Log behaviour with {*FTF*}

    I’d suggest using a different FTF tag as wrapping text in *’s can be problematic. See the PGC posts at https://project-gc.com/qa/?qa=9264/ftf-tags-with If you really want to use that specific tag, what happens if you put a space before/after FTF ?
  14. Can you post a screen shot? Here is mine in English. It is the FTF Indicator option in the screen shot.
  15. FTF Is enabled and configured in the main settings screen. You tap “ ... More “ in the bottom right of the main screen and then select Settings. Enable the FTF indicator so it shows green. FTF will display regardless of the selected map.
  16. Unless you installed other keyboards like Google or Swype (if they are still around), you are using the default that comes with the iPhone. I'm not sure why you are getting it. I didn't read the link that Nic posted to see if it's somehow language/environment specific.
  17. I did a voice recorded log you can view at https://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=a603f761-3a98-4d4c-b0a8-a8dfed0ae473 and there's no symbol at the end. I tried with the default keyboard and Google keyboard selected and neither added the odd special character. I even tried with an exclamation point at the end.
  18. I can see it in Chrome on my desktop but not on my mobile. You can see it as the last character in the log. When I inspect/view source on the page I see a blank space. Haven't had a chance to test what I see when trying.
  19. When viewing on my desktop, I see the OBJ icon. Do you only see this when using speech-to-text to enter the log? Which speech-to-text is being used as it can be different based on the keyboard being used. The default keyboard is different from the google keyboard when using speech-to-text. I'm sure there are other possible keyboards that provide speech-to-text. Knowing which keyboard being used might help further troubleshooting. I will also try to test out posting a log to my own cache using the default Apple keyboard and Google keyboard to see if I can reproduce too.
  20. I don’t see anything odd at the end of your log, at least when viewed on my phone. See attached screenshot. I can check on a desktop after I get to work.
  21. Team DEMP

    Huge Columbia (South America) Map

    It is normal depending on the terrain of the region. You need more than 4GB of space - more like 8GB free to download it. If you are close to 8GB free, maybe you can make sense by cleaning up message files, photos and music as they usually take up the most space. iOS also needs some free space so it might complain even when you show 8GB free.
  22. Team DEMP

    Show official Geocaching checker

    c:geo Is not an official Geocaching partner and doesn’t follow the rules that partners like Cachly must follow. c:geo inappropriately screen scrapes the geocaching.com web page to provide their information. Currently, the Geocaching team doesn’t provide a way for partners to surface that info in their application through the official interface that must be used. When Geocaching.com does provide a means to do this, I’m sure Cachly will quickly support that change.
  23. Team DEMP

    Import GPX file

    Looks like Apple broke this functionality for many apps. I didn't pick up on any solution in that thread. Every time someone claimed it was resolved, I'd expect updating to the next iOS patch or updating another installed app that uses the file extension (eg GPX) would cause the iOS bug to resurface.
  24. Team DEMP

    Import GPX file

    For me, if you update Cachly AFTER an iOS13 upgrade (base or patch), the GPX option was there. If you upgraded iOS13 but have not installed a new version of Cachly, the option wasn't there for GPX. Have you updated Cachly after your most recent iOS 13 upgrade?
  25. Team DEMP

    Bulk Log - Pending Logs

    My follow-up to Nic's response is something you can consider but it is outside of Cachly using another fine tool called https://www.cachetur.no . Cachetur can do many things but specific to your situation, you would log in Cachly as normal and save as pending logs. When complete for the day with your logging in cachy, go to the Pending logs screen and Export .txt file. Send this to your yourself via email and on Cachetur, you would upload your field notes which is the .txt file exported from Cachly. This feature is more to support a traditional GPSr but the file format is the same. Once in cachetur you can apply cachetur template(s) to selected logs, bulk edit logs, etc. When completed, you can publish them to GC from cachetur. Just an option to consider leveraging some other products that work well in partnership with Cachly.