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    ivans got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Gift   
    Thanks for this nice Christmas gift 

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    ivans reacted to Nic Hubbard in filtering on highlight color doesn't work sometimes   
    Manual sync will apply to your entire database of caches.
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    ivans reacted to nastrud in Cachly on Apple CarPlay   
    It would be great to this option. I usually tap the selected and navigate to it. A map in Car Play is a dream!!
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    ivans got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in Wherigo player   
    I collected old printscreens and notes related to the wigo  https://coord.info/GC5TTH8 and now I'm announcing the end of the alarm! 
    I apologize for wasting your time.
    I tried to enter the code from the app printscreen into the form at wherigo.com and it passed. I had to make a mistake in the field while copying the unlock code from the application screen.

    Actually, I don't know how to copy the unlock code from the application to wherigo.com, is the code copyable?   Have a nice time Ivan
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    ivans reacted to BigChiefS4 in I’d to have more than one highlight per cache   
    I use highlights extensively. I love the new ability to rename them. For example, a few of mine are:
    orange - solved puzzles 
    blue - challenges
    purple - lab cache finals
    light blue - Earthcache
    green - oldies
    You get the point. Some caches I’d like to have in more than one group. They are oldies that are solved puzzles. Or some other combination. 
    I’d like the ability to assign more than one highlight to a cache. 
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    ivans reacted to GC_Diver in Pending Logs: Change swipe 'Options' to 'View Cache'   
    Hello and thanks for the great app and maintenance.
    I see there potential for streamlining the Pending Logs list.
    When swiping a pending log to the left, the 'Options' and 'Delete' tab show up. Though, as far as I can see, when going on 'Options' it always only gives 'View Cache' as next selection. I tried it with several cache types (Trad, Multi, WherIgo, Earth, Event, CITO), and it's always the same, so perhaps the 'Options' could be turned into 'View Cache' reducing the need for one more klick. Just a suggestion, in case there is indeed no other use for the options.
    Best regards

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    ivans reacted to GeoRice in Waypoint letter calculation   
    The app is called GCBuddy.
    You click on the A-puzzle in the page 'Hints'. Then you can enter a number. Afterwards it looks like below.

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    ivans reacted to Nic Hubbard in Wherigo player   
    I worked on the new HQ Wherigo app, so hopefully it is a good compromise. Integrating a Wherigo player into Cachly isn't something that is planned.
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    ivans reacted to Nic Hubbard in Cachly on Apple CarPlay   
    I would be interested in building this. I put in an application for the CarPlay program to Apple probably a year ago, but have not hear back. You can’t even start development without approval and some special files they provide.  
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    ivans reacted to Maattmoo in Cachly on Apple CarPlay   
    just wondering if there would be any possibility for cachly or navigation to a cache to be able to be connected to the Apple CarPlay 
    I asked on Facebook page also and a couple of others like the thought of it too. 
    Would it be at all possible? 
    Thanks in advance for your time and considerations 
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    ivans got a reaction from Nic Hubbard in GPS & iOS 13   
    I am very happy about it.