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  1. 7 hours ago, GC_Diver said:

    Hello. Given that the request is > 2 years old, I wonder if it was possible to proceed in any way with the implementation of this feature. I love Cachly. When hiking, trail running or in a boat it would be fantastic to have an optional audible alert. Even just a ‘dong’ or something like that when being in a 100m radius or so of the cache you are navigating to would be fantastic. Ideally the distance could be customisable. This would save me from taking out the phone all the time. 

    This feature is planned for Cachly 6.1.

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

    26 minutes ago, GaLeGro said:

    It is difficult to tell the WPs apart on a map. When you tap WPs on the screen, they only appear as text, not in the way they are designated in the list of WPs (WP01; WP02 …). Here, it would be desirable to have consecutive numbering which would make it possible to discern the order of WPs on the map right away.

    This will be fixed as I know other users have requested this as well.

    26 minutes ago, GaLeGro said:

    With navigation being activated, there should be a signal via iPhone or iWatch once a destination is about to be reached.

    This is also planned for an upcoming version.

    26 minutes ago, GaLeGro said:

    The WPs are only listed in correct order when online. Offline, WPs appear absolutely chaotic without any discernible order.

    This has been fixed for your 6.0 version.



  3. 9 hours ago, GaryB_CA said:

    Are the maps that I have previously downloaded being automatically updated? (I tend to believe no).  

    No they are not. The dates you are seeing is the date the map was updated on the download server. You are welcome to download an updated version.

    9 hours ago, GaryB_CA said:

    It would be nice to also see the date of my downloaded maps, is that info displayed somewhere in the app?

    This is not currently. I have plans to add this to the list of downloaded maps in the future.

  4. 17 minutes ago, the pastor said:

    No. I had search the forum for information on it and discovered the solution myself. I just thought I'd share the info for anyone wanting to do the same. I'm sorry if it was the wrong thing to do or posted in the wrong area.

    Thank you! We appreciate your help with this!