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  1. abnorMali

    CreateTrackableLog exceeded

    Hi Nic Sorry for the late reply. There were about 10 log entries with 8 TB's each. Greetings Mali
  2. abnorMali

    CreateTrackableLog exceeded

    Hi When I log several caches and mark some TB as "visited" for each cache, I get the attached error message. Is there a way around this error message? Thank you and Happy Hunting Mali
  3. abnorMali

    Upload Log with TB and Image

    Hi Nic Saving the log to pending logs and then Upload Greeitngs Mali
  4. abnorMali

    Upload Log with TB and Image

    When I try to send a log that has TB with pictures attached I get the following error Error while uploading the log entries The request is invalid What am I doing wrong or is this a bug? Greetings abnorMali