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  1. Can I assume that it always crashes when you have tapped an offline list and it is trying to load the map? Looking in our error logs I am seeing your crash so I will get working on fixing it. Is this an Offline List that you could share with me, such as a bookmark list or PQ? If not, how did you create it? I want to try to replicate it on my system.
  2. I will see what we can do about adjusting that color and still making it fit with the look of the app.
  3. Very sorry that this is happening! We have not seen this issue before and have not had any other reports of this happening, so I want to get to the bottom of it. A few questions: What is your GC username? Does it always crash on startup? If not, did it consistently crash in one spot in the app? Where? Are you offline, on Wifi or cell data? What iPhone do you use? Thanks, and again, very sorry about this issue.
  4. Correct. It is not yet in the current beta. Hopefully this week. Yes, there is a beta users forum, do you see it?
  5. The major reason you see a preview of the text after the "Cache Note" label is so that you know you have entered text in there. That is the reason. It is a visual way, other than the icon to see the text. I do not think it detracts in any way and is only an advantage. I have never seen the distance be wrong either. Can you replicate this?
  6. When logging you can just use the *|owner_name|* keyword (press and hold for the option or tap the ... button) to automatically insert the owners username into your log. You can also create a Log Text default in Settings so that you never have to do this manually!
  7. This has not been forgotten! It will be fixed in our 2.0 update coming later this month.
  8. Are you having a hard time seeing it?
  9. Yes, we currently use the same .gpx files. In our 2.0 version we will be using a different method where you will no longer have this problem and the PQ will have all the data you are looking for.
  10. I agree. In our new 2.0 version (currently in beta) Personal Cache note has taken new prominence. First, a new icon is shown on the map callout, list view and cache details view if that cache has a cache note. And, the Cache note has been moved into the list along with Description, Hint, etc. If there already is a cache note it will show a preview of that note. I think you will be happy with how it works. If you are interested in beta testing it and giving me feedback, just contact support through the app and let us know.
  11. Bulk uploading will come in our 2.0 version. For the find count keyword, it is a tricky thing to keep working since there are many ways that logs can get created: Create log, save Pending Log to device, submit field note to geocaching.com. Field notes on geocaching.com could then be deleted later, further throwing off the number. So, we are working on the issue any trying to get it working correctly.
  12. This is a bug. We will get this fixed for 2.0. Thanks for reporting it!
  13. We will be fixing Cachly to work this way in 2.0.
  14. For those that are interested, here is the Cachly presentation that I did from Geowoodstock 14er: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g5rBQYKCiI
  15. For those that were interested, here is the Cachly presentation from Geowoodstock 14er: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g5rBQYKCiI
  16. Doing some more testing and looking into the GPX files that PQ create, I can confirm that geocaching.com does not include any indication that the caches have corrected coordinates. However, in 2.0 we will be rebuilding the way we receive PQ data and it will solve this issue.
  17. Let me look deeper into our code and see if we are accounting for this. Will get back to you soon.
  18. Login to geocaching.com and you first have to add a cache to "Ignore". Once you do that, it will create an Ignore List for you. Then you can use Cachly to add caches to that list.
  19. Will keep working on this. Looks like Needs Maintenance only works for caches that are owned...
  20. I just posted a Needs Maintenance through the app and it worked: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC5TAPN_salmon-love-bridges?guid=2f03a0c6-c892-4f26-a764-3f80bc14047a Are you sure that your "Send as field note" option is not checked?
  21. This should work now. I contacted Groundspeak and it seemed to be an issue with their server. They fixed it and I tested it. Seems to be working now. Let me know if you have any more issues.
  22. I deleted my last post about this, as I had forgotten this was possible. Just add the cache as a bookmark then choose "Ignore List". Then make sure to set your Search Options to not show ignored. Sorry about the mixup!
  23. Strange. Let me look into this when I am back at the office. Will let you know what I find.
  24. I think that this is part of a bug we are working to fix. Had not seen it happen like this, but I appreciate the note!
  25. Great idea! Will add this to our feature list!
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