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disappearing icon when zooming in

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Here's a weird one..  I have a multicache icon that disappears (fades out after a short delay) when I zoom in.  When I zoom out it reappears again.


1. load offline database with a bunch of caches in it

2. correct one of the caches (on gc.com) so it's a long ways away, like add 4 to the north degrees.  (I tested this with a traditional or multi)

3. refresh that cache in cachly

4. find its new location

5. zoom in and out.  Cache will disappear when zoomed in.

Fortunately the cache stays put if you are navigating to it, so it's not a big problem.  Only happens when viewing multiple caches.

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I've struck this, I don't think it's been every time.  It's like the zoom levels which have already seen the original coordinates leave the cache there but invisible, while zoom levels which haven't seen the cache will display it at the updated coords.

Offline map FWIW.

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