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My Finds Pocket Query


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I was playing around with PQ's and selected the My Finds Pocket Query on gc.com. It was created and I expected that it could be downloaded from within Cachly. But no PQ's showed up in the list. I created another PQ on gc.com and after it was created I could download that one from within Cachly.

Is there a special reason that this My Finds Pocket Query cannot be downloaded, or is it a small bug? I couldn't find any other posts about this issue.



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Here is what Groundspeak said about this:


The My Finds PQ is purposefully excluded. The reason is that pocket query has a lot of load concerns as it has no size restrictions like normal pocket queries. Even on the website it is restricted to how often it can be run which is backed by queuing mechanisms (run at a later time), unlike how the API would interact with a mobile client, which would try to run the PQ instantaneously. 


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