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API time zone change coming

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Saw this over in the GSAK forum posted by Clyde last night. Not sure of the impact of this change on those using the recently added time zone adjustment option in Cachly.

Time zone changes:

In order to address long-standing inconsistencies in time zone handling between our website, our apps, and partner applications, we will be implementing a new system for handling time on geocache logs.

Currently, geocache logs submitted through the API are converted from UTC to PST. With the upcoming changes, our API will stop the conversion from UTC to PST. The API will pass through the utcDateLogged without conversion and an underlying service will then convert those UTC timestamps to the time zone where the cache is located. Due to the above changes, utcDateLogged timestamps on geocache logs submitted through the API should generally be submitted in UTC without offsets. Additionally, the API will return geocache logs with timestamps converted to the timezone of the cache.

Although we understand that not all logs are submitted in the time zone of the cache, we believe that this change will result in many more logs with the date intended by the player.

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